#1 Fat Loss Tip for ‘08

Planning Your Success part 2

What’s the most effective way to burn fat and achieve all your health, fitness and fat loss goals this year?

It’s not generic crap that we are seeing all over the internet this week.

It’s Planning.

That’s right – planning for success. You plan your vacation, don’t you?
You plan your finances, right? Some people even plan their outfits for the next day. Yet how many people plan their health, fitness and fat loss success?

In the last newsletter I shared the first half of this successful formula. If you set New Years Resolutions – write down what they are and refer back to Lesson #1.

Here is the second half that will show you how to stick your goals and master the fitness mindset.

Lesson #1 and 2 can be found at our blog – www.burnsports.blogspot.com

I also added some fat burning exercise tips as well ;)

Step 3 – Aligning Your Goals with What You Love
Go through each area of life in your Vision and list 10-20 ways that achieving your goal will benefit, serve or enhance that area of your Vision.

For example –
How will losing 10 pounds of fat enhance or benefit your CAREER?
Will you have more energy, less fatigue and better focus?
Does that help you to be more effective & efficient at your work?
Will reduced stress make you a happier, more productive person?
Will you earn more respect from co-workers or your boss?
Will your productivity increase your chance for pay raise or promotion?
Will you have more clarity & confidence after exercising and eating a healthy breakfast first thing in the morning before work?

List the benefits and don’t stop until you feel inspired and have certainty about your goals.

This is a powerful mental exercise and it pays BIG TIME. Do the work.
List 10-20 benefits and your goals become much more meaningful and you will achieve them – success is guaranteed! You may have to do this daily, weekly or monthly – all depends on you and it’s worth it.

Step 4 – Planning
Plan your workouts in advance – what days and times are best for you?
Create your food shopping list IN ADVANCE.
Plan your grocery shopping, grocery delivery or online ordering – usually 2-3 days per week if you eat whole, fresh foods.
Plan your weekly meal schedule – do you need to cook for 2-3 days in advance and have ready-to-go meals?
Which restaurants or deli’s are close to work so its EASY for you to get your meals?
Collect the menu’s, phone numbers and websites of what you need to have your food ready to eat – BEFORE you get hungry.

Fat loss tips –
The healthiest & leanest people only workout 3 or 4 days per week for less than an hour each time ;)
Don’t waste your time with cardio –it does NOT ‘burn’ stress or fat!
Get Paul Chek’s ‘How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy’ book and you will know more than 95% of the personal trainers in the industry www.amazon.com
Every meal should have a protein, fat and carb.
Eat 4-6 times per day.
Crappy food = crappy body.

Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. Plan your success.



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