#1 Secret to Achieving Your Goals

Goal Achieving Audio Workshop

Goal Achieiving Worksheet

This Goal Achieving workshop can change your life and help you achieve any goal IF you print and write your answers on the worksheet. Simply listening to this class is not the best way to get the most out of this exercise.  Write out your answers on this worksheet and you will get the most out of this life changing exercise.

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5 Comments on #1 Secret to Achieving Your Goals

  1. Hey, really looking forward to doing this but when I download or try to listen to the mp3 the quality is terrible, like you’re on a mobile phone in a tunnel or something. Maybe its just my computer that has the problem but is there anywhere else I can listen to it besides here?

  2. Tony
    try it again
    I just tried and it was muffled in the beginning but it got clear after 5 minnutes

    if not email me info@healthyurbankitchen.com
    adn wil send you link


  3. Thank you for your great advice

  4. thank you Michelle – please keep doing the work and your life will change…keep finding the benefits and dont stop until nothing else exists except the life of your dreams

  5. I got it working eventually thanks, was just a problem with my computer I think. Totally worth the effort though, I think im gonna be making lists of reasons for weeks to come.

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