5 Steps to Success

I know it’s been awhile since my last newsletter.

The reason is that I have been super busy with all my amazing clients and I am finishing up my book Fat Loss Psychology.

Just so you know, I am also working on a multi-media cook book. It’s going to be really cool!

Here are your top 5 Secrets to Success in Health, Fitness and Permanent Fat Loss.

1. Planning & Preparation – You must plan your shopping, food prep and cooking. You may want to cook for 2-3 meals at a time. You don’t have to become Bravo’s Top Chef, but you also don’t want to be Chef Boyardee. If you want success, take responsibility by planning your shopping, prep and cooking times, or hire a personal chef.

2. Planning your Workouts in advance. It’s simple. Go to Outlook or your Daily Planner now and block out the days and times you WILL workout. Don’t try to ‘find’ the time – ‘make’ the time and it will happen. Workout with friends or get outdoors with family and friends and go hiking or play at the beach.

3. Managing your Self. You can’t manage your health until you can manage your self. Also, you can’t manage time, but you can manage your energy and your schedule. How much time do you spend alone quieting your mind? Do you practice some form of meditation or prayer? Do you visualize the health, vitality and the sculpted body you are creating? Managing your self involves planning your life – your ideal life that you would love to live. It also involves managing your energy, your workouts, your eating, your weekends, your vacations and who you spend time with. This is a critical step to having a healthy, fulfilling life.

4. Eat 4 – 6 times each day – NO MATTER WHAT. The most common reasons people are overweight, unhealthy, depressed and can’t stick to their goals is because they skip meals. You cannot lose fat, get healthy or improve your health & energy levels if you skip meals – so eat often.

5. Pay Attention! Every meal and exercise session will produce physical and mental/emotional response. The food you eat becomes your hormones. Your hormones are your emotions. You cannot manage your health until you can manage your emotions. Eat fresh, whole organic foods and notice what meals do to you afterwards. Do you get craggy, sleepy and have mood swings? Do you feel focused, centered with balanced emotions and have good mental clarity and energy for 3-4 hours?

Many people are desperately searching and mistakenly believe ‘the answer’ to looking and feeling good is losing weight. This may be popular, but it’s totally false.

The majority of people who lose w.e.i.g.h.t, do it using very unhealthy methods that have devastating effects on the metabolism. In fact, 98% of those people gain it back and have now damaged their metabolism.

‘Losing w.e.i.g.h.t’ and looking good happen when you do the right thing and take responsibility for your life and improve your health.

Feeling good comes from having clarity and a balanced perspective, setting & achieving specific goals and living from your heart. It is impossible to have that when you eat crappy foods, skip meals and do excessive amounts of cardio.

Follow these 5 simple tips and consider yourself successful.



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