7 Pieces to the Fitness & Fat Loss Puzzle

There are 7 pieces to the health, fitness and fat loss puzzle
It’s not just about exercise
Its not just about eating

A truly holistic, or whole person approach to health, fitnes and fat loss involves
understanding and managing:

1 – Mindset – your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and strategies about life.
This includes your goals and balancing emotions. Not managing your mindet is like letting
monkeys run wild in your office. When you have a clear Vision… set goals to achieve your
vision….stay focused and enjoy the process of your creating your Vision…understand
that everyone and everything has a purpose in your journey and every event is designed to
keep you on track to your Vision so you can live the life you deserve.
It might not be popular, but it is essential for a healthy, fit and inspired life.

2 – Breath – breathing sits at the top of the health totem pole. Learning how to breathe
properly is necessary for a strong metabolism.

3 – Eating – boils down to 2 things: quality & quantity. Awareness of how food makes you
feel is the first step to success. Everybody is unique and discovering
what works best for you is part of the journey. Each person tolerates carbs differently and
requires differnt amounts of fat and protein – discover what works best for you or refer
back to my last email to get Paul Chek’s book so you can learn right away.

4 – Exercise – again, this is individualized. The more stress one has, the less cardio and
strength training needed. The more sress, the more mind-body and restorative work
should be done. The less stress, the more strength training the body can handle.
You can get great results with a ‘less is more’ approach when you learn a few intelligent

5 – Hydration – simply put – drink half your body weight in ounces of clean water per day.

6 – Rest – ‘wind down’ before hitting the sack and do your best to get to bed by 10:30 pm.
TV stimulates your nervous and hormonal systemsand thats not conducive for fat loss or
health & vitality.

7 – Stress Management – unmanaged stress produces cortisol which makes you fat, tired and
age prematurely. It is associated with almost every disease known. There are 6 types of
stress and I will cover this more in upcoming newsletters. The two biggest are mental/
emotional stress, either from yourself or others. Refer to #1 above for the first step in
reducing stress. The other is chemical stress. Chemicals can come from industrialized
household cleaning products, recreational drugs and mostly from processed (man made)
foods as well as alcohol, soda and coffee.

Understanding this whole-person, or holistic, approach to fitness & fat loss gives you an
advantage over 95% of the fat loss programs out there. Yes you will lose fat, but you will
also IMPROVE the QUALITY of your life.

Focus on these 7 pieces of the puzzle will help you get fit, lose fat and live a healthy and
inspired life.

Untill next time,




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