7 Sexy Stress Reduction Tips

Here are 7 tips that are sexy.  And dont worry, its not cheesy or sleazy.

Why are these tips sexy?  Because if you dont learn the basics of managing stress, your stress hormone cortisol will be out of control.

Cortisol that’s out of control will make you tired, age prematurely, get fat, you’ll get those bags under your eyes and your skin wont glow.  So managing stress will help you look & feel better and that obviously helps you feel sexy.

Being healthy, fit & energetic is sexy.

Putting Hooters girls on my web page is sleazy.  Putting up photos of me after a tanning session, covered in oil and showing you my abs while wearing bikini brief is cheesy.

So to bring sexy back during stressful times, follow these 7 simple steps…

1 – News – Pay much less attention to the news.  If you watch the news, I suggest cutting back on total time spent and just watch precisely what you need to watch and nothing more. Turn the volume OFF during commercials and be productive during those short breaks instead of passive. There is a difference between being informed and inundated.  The news is everywhere and you cant escape it. And in case you weren’t paying attention – its all bad.  Bad news sells and the more you watch, the more stress you accumulate.  Even if you are just ‘watching’ – your hormonal and nervous system are being affected.  So when you choose to watch the news or read a paper, carefully select only that which is relevant to your life.

2 – No matter what stressful event is going on around you – the war, the election, the economy, whatever…how you perceive & respond to these things is a choice.  You may not be able to control these external circumstances, but you can control how you respond.  You can choose to stress out or get inspired.

Does the economy freak you out or inspire you to start your own business and be your own boss?  What are you doing right now that helps you improve the quality of life on our planet?

It’s easy to let a stressful event control your reality or you can get inspired and do something powerful for yourself & this world.  The choice is yours.

3 – Food.  Are you one of those people that only eat an average of 9 meals for the majority of their lives?  Not having variety in your diet is also stressful. You can easily develop food intolerance.  Eating the same thing often can also create nutrient deficiencies.  I have a cookbook coming out this week, it shows you the easiest way to get more variety in your diet.   Start today by finding NEW places to eat at work or getting 3 new vegetables next time you go to Whole Foods.

4 – When you’re cranking out cortisol, your body needs the raw ingredients to keep making it.  Fat and protein are your best choices for maintaining healthy hormones, but do your best to get organic, grass fed sources like meats and eggs.

Saturated fats & cholesterol are required for health, vitality and stress management.

Saturated fats are one of the most misunderstood foods on the planet. They are essential for hormone production, cellular structure & integrity, are necessary for the utilization of omega 3 fatty acids, support the immune system and play many important roles in our body chemistry.  The idea that they clog arteries and cause heart disease is absolutely false.

Cholesterol is critical for the production of all our sex hormones. Its necessary for the production of serotonin, our ‘feel good’ hormone and our digestion.  Its a precursor for Vitamin D which is needed for hormonal balance.

My favorite sources of saturated fat and cholesterol are coconut oil, grass fed beef, lamb and pastured eggs.

5 – Eat foods that give you more bang for their buck: an apple and a  handful of Brazil nuts will give you more energy and nutrition than a Luna bar.

6 – Coffee – caffeine triggers your fight or flight emergency response system. If your watching the news, that system is already on.  Not getting quality sleep will also trigger that alarm. If you ant to drink caffeine, switch to green or white tea and dont drink it on an empty stomach to reduce its stressful effects on an already stressed out body.

7 – Sleep. Getting to bed by 10:30 pm is more important than staying up late and getting a solid 8 hrs of sleep. Timing is everything. Do your best to get to bed as close to 10:30 pm as possible – your body will thank you and you will have resilience to deal with whatever stressors we face throughout the day.

Stay tuned for stress reducing exercises coming up in the next few days!

Have a great Monday




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