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1) You can either create a text link or an image link to promote our product. To put a text link on your webpage, put the following code into the HTML editor:


<a href = “YOUR HOPLINK URL”>Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook</a>


2) Download Book Cover (right click and save):


HUK2012 cover HUK Affiliates

3) Put the following code into your HTML editor (if it doesn’t fit, you can use HTML to resize it):

For the cover above:

<a href = “YOUR HOPLINK URL”><img src = “”></a>


 4) As an added measure, you might want to hide the raw hoplink URL. Studies show that conversion rates may drop when people realize they are “being sold something.” To do this, put the following code in your HTML editor:


onMouseOver=”window.status=’Healthy Urban Kitchen’; return true”
onMouseOut=”window.status=”;return true”>Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook OR put the image URL</a>

5) Choose Banners (right click and save)

 HUK New Ad HUK Affiliates

HUK2012 banner black female HUK Affiliates

Lastly, don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you have any questions:


All the best,

Antonio Valladares

Author, Healthy Urban Kitchen

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
Exercise Specialist