Are Your Beauty Products Making You Fat?

The world ‘organic’ is not carefully regulated on personal skincare and beauty products like it is used on food.

These days, because government policy is heavily influenced by food manufacturing industries, the only way to know what you are truly getting is to do a little research into the companies you purchase to see if they are truly organic.

If you want to be healthy and lose fat, eating organic and using organic skincare products is essential.


Your body stores toxins in fat.

If your skincare products do not have the green USDA label on it, your products most likely contain synthetic ingredients (toxins) that are making you fat, tired and may cause serious damage to your reproductive system as well as give you cancer.

Government, industry and academic studies consistently show that ingredients in common skincare products are linked to cancer, developmental /reproductive toxicity, alleriges & other immunotoxic issues, neurotoxic (poisonous to the brain), endocrine disruptors (damage your homronal system), persistant and bio-accumulation, organ system toxicity, skin/eye/lung irritation and may have other contamination issues.

There are huge loopholes in the public health laws governing these industries that allow manufacturers to include toxic ingredients and not list them, including those which are illegal and well known to be toxic and carcinogenic – even things like lead, mercury, and placenta.

Commercially produced skincare, frangrances and ‘beauty’ products may be destroying your health and your ability to lose weight and get pregnant.

The avergae American woman actually ingests (eats) about 5 lbs of make up through her skin each year. The popular saying ‘You Are What You Eat’ takes on a whole new meaning here, doesn’t it?

If you want to be healthy, lose fat, improve your mood, brain chemistry and prevent disease – go organic. Not just in your food, but in your skincare and beauty products.

Here is a list of websites with REAL healthy, organic products that are safe for you, your baby and our planet. – click on Cosmetics Companies and Breast Cancer

Remember, if you want to be successful in health, fitness and permanent fat loss – you need 3 things:
The Right Nutrition
The Right Exercise
The Right Mindset

Part of having the right mindset is knowledge. Knowledge of the companies you are supporting and making sure that the stuff you put on your skin and in your body are naturally pure, free from harmful chemicals that will disrupt your hormomal system’s ability to burn fat and be healthy.

Happy shopping!



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