Best Supplement Ever!

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My favorite supplement for burning fat, eliminating PMS and doing SO MUCH MORE!
There are tons of other benefits!
You would have to be a fool (or a vegan) not to use this food.

Here are some of the benefits found in this powerhouse food or supplement:

Improves overall health
Protection against heart disease, depression, bipolar disease, ADD / ADHD, alcoholism,
postpartum depression, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes & arthritis
Promotes optimal LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio
Promotes cellular integrity
Supports energy levels, concentration & mental acuity
Helps promote healthy pregnancy
Maintains normal blood sugar levels
Helps keep tissues & joints healthy
Fights free radical damage

What is it?
Omega 3 fats

The best source of these essential fats is from fish. I generally promote the use of the oil as a
supplement as opposed to eating fish because the oceans have become so polluted and most fish have
heavy metals, petrochemicals and other poisons….sad, but true.

If you want to learn more, check out:

I generally prefer cod liver oil because it also has vitamins A & D

Living in NYC and not seeing the sun for the past 6 months can make you a little cranky. So vitamin D is crucial for optimal health & mood and has these benefits:

Essential for a strong skeletal system
Helps regulate blood levels of calcium and phosphorus
Promotes bone formation and mineralization
Regulates cellular integrity
Promotes healthy immune function
Plays a role in healthy blood sugar levels
Improves mood
Promotes a healthy heart
Helps regulate proper body weight
Helps maintain a healthy reproductive system
Promotes healthy tissue
Helps contribute to an overall sense of well-being

Here are some benefits of Vitamin A:

Helps maintain healthy vision
Promotes healthy thyroid function
Promotes a healthy immune function
Keeps mucous membranes healthy
Promotes normal inflammatory response

The liquid form is superior to capsules
Certain brands are superior to others

For all my readers outside the USA, you may have to do some research.
The brands I get and recommend to my clients are:

Dr Ron’s is the highest quality product on the market
Dr Ron’s also comes as a liquid with a butter oil and cinnamon and it actually taste like candy!
I am not kidding!

Carlson’s cod liver oil is exceptional in quality and purity

What about Flax Seed Oil?

Just to clarify a common misconception – flax seed oil is an inferior form of
Omega 3 because you may be getting rancid oil and most people cannot convert
the ALA into DHA and EPA which are the main benefits of fish oil.

There it is folks!
Feel free to email me any fish oil brands you find outside the US and I’ll do my best to research the company.
Have a great weekend and talk to you next week




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