The Problem with the Biggest Loser

BIggest Loser yelling The Problem with the Biggest Loser

This post will include some links I’m compiling on the Biggest Loser and its core problems. We know that the Biggest Loser is typically unhealthy for metabolism, but they also teach us what not do for psychology and coaching – they fat shame.

Here is my article on the Science of Fat Shaming.

The workouts and restrictive diets used on the show can be harmful to metabolism. The coaching includes a heavy dose of sadomasochism, and they do this — all the crying, screaming, complaining, guilting or shaming — deliberately, to get ratings. The show also demonstrates bigotry and promotes unnecessary and extreme fitness and diet programs that don’t translate to improved health.

The Effects of Reality Television on Weight Bias: an Examination of The Biggest Loser

“These results indicate that anti-fat attitudes increase after brief exposure to weight-loss reality television.”

To make things even more absurd, the people who watch this nonsense tell you they do so because it MOTIVATES them. So, um, yeah, but no…

“…may result in lower motivation to participate because of the anticipation of an unpleasant experience”

Watching People Be Terrible Towards Other People Does Not Motivate 

It may push your emotional buttons, which can feel like a kind of “motivation”, but in the vast majority of cases, that doesn’t lead to people actually improving their health.  What it can lead to is an increase in self-loathing and a sense of hopelessness, because if it takes such extreme, punishing methods to lose weight, most people think “Why even bother?”





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