Bloating and Gas and Farting – Oh My!

You giggle about it with friends, but you would never do it on a date.
You can’t stand it when your fiancé does it, but…

Would you like to know what causes gas, bloating & farting?

More importantly, would you like to know how to stop it????

Flatulence, a.k.a farting (go ahead say it! You know it’s funny!) is one of the best indicators of food sensitivities / intolerance.

Some flatulence (flatus, wind or gas) is a normal once in a while. It’s a product of all mammals’ digestive process; if you have a dog then you know what I mean. It’s basically methane – a colorless, odorless gas – that should pass easily, should not feel hot or stink up the place!

If you feel pressure or heat, or if you are constantly making jokes about your boyfriends’ Dutch oven, this may be a sign of not digesting certain foods properly and that slowly damages the digestive system. Gaining weight will happen, but is the least of your worries in this case.

Keep a food journal and notice what happens immediately and for 2-3 hours after you eat. Look for bloating, gas, farting, mood swings, acne and fatigue.

You’ll be doing yourself a favor and, more importantly, you can avoid possible serious health risks if you want to be lean, have children and live a long and fulfilling life.

Some people suggest 20 to 40 grams of fiber daily are an essential part of a healthy diet! But as I discuss in my BLOG – this ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach to eating doesn’t work. Some people may need more, some people less.

Many people over 35 have digestive systems that are simply too weak to digest raw vegetables. Yes, some fruits & vegetables should be eaten raw, but until your inner ecosystem is healthy, you may have trouble digesting raw vegetables.

I suggest lightly cooking vegetables by baking, simmering, sautéing or lightly steaming them to make them more digestible. You can also use butter or coconut oil to make them more nutritious and delicious.

Most people over 35 have a dysfunctional digestive system. Years of dieting, diet sodas, coffee, sugar, unmanaged stress and artificial/synthetic ingredients in processed foods have damaged their metabolism.

I have most of my clients over 35 take a Digestive Enzyme until we figure out exactly what’s going on. My favorite is Support Digestion from

Gluten is the protein found in most grains except buckwheat, millet, rice and corn. Gluten intolerance is very common and found most frequently in people with Irish, English, Scottish, Scandinavian, Northern European and Eastern European backgrounds.

The best way to discover if you are intolerant, is to cut out breads, pasta’s and all grains for 2-3 months. After 90 days add a small of gluten back into your diet. If you show any signs and symptoms, then you are gluten intolerant.

If you cut out grains and processed carbs for just a few weeks, YOU WILL LOSE FAT – since all carbs are sugars!

If you really want to eat grains, you can purchase gluten free products (breads, rice pasta’s, bars, crackers, etc) from Whole Foods.

You can visit websites such as these to order gluten free products online.



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  1. Not sure why people would quit your newsletter in droves just because you talked about gas. Oh well. :-) The fiber issue is a crucial one for me at this time because I am interested in “juice feasting” but am concerned about not having natural fiber for 92 days. Thanks for your comments!

  2. The idea that gas, bloating and farting are the result of food intolerances is part of the equation. Also very important to remember, perhaps even more so a part of the problem than food intolerance is the American habit of gulping food without adequate mastication. Several studies showed adequate chewing of food not only dramatically improved digestion, but also led to significant weight loss and aided in the control of digestive diseases. Chew your food thoroughly (at least 30 times oer bite) and helth will improve in a matter of days.

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