Breast Feeding and Attachment Parenting

Are you effien kidding me?


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No, I’m not talking about the cover. I’m talking about the obscene level of immaturity and people who were ‘disgusted’ or ‘weirded out’ or had an opinion to share about a woman feeding her child. Same goes for obnoxious people who tell breast feedingbreast-feeding women to cover up.

OK, so you have a strong opinion on breast feedingbreast-feeding? Please tell me more…show the world more of your unscientific, overly-emotionaloverly emotional value judgments & projections about a topic you know nothing about. I’m still not sure why some Americans are so proud of their ignorance.

I have been coaching pregnant women, new mothers and their kids for a decade now. So let me tell you what I think.

Point #1 – TIME magazine put a gorgeous, confident, well educatedwell-educated woman breastfeeding her child on the cover and they did it to get us talking. Despite the opinions about the cover, overall, it is important to further the discussion on breast feedingbreast-feeding. Many people are misinformed or uniformed about pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding & parenting.

Here is why the mother did the photo shoot, which I think is brilliant:

Video: Jamie Lynne Grumet Defends Her Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover

Point #2 – No, it’s not weird, you are.

‘Though some online are calling it “perverted” and “dangerous” to nurse a 3-year-old, “It’s normal for our species. It’s not perverted; it’s not sex; it’s not women doing it for some perverse need. It’s normal like a nine-month pregnancy is normal’


Point #3 – The ‘war of motherhood’ is largely being run by the media to pit women against each otherThe media to pit women against each other is largely running point #3 – the ‘war of motherhood’. Don’t engage.

‘I am not Mom enough to take the bait. To accept TIME’s deliberate provocation and either get mad at this woman for what I think I know about her from this photo, or to feel inferior, or superior, or defensive, or guilty — or anything at all, if it means I am comparing myself to other mothers.’ HP LINK

Here’s what’s really wrong with Time magazine’s ‘Are You Mom Enough’ message:


Point #4 – Human beings have biologically evolved to breastfeed until 4 – 6 years of age. Breast feedingBreast-feeding is normal,normal; it’s you, a small group of Americans, that’s weird. Err, um, ‘not well read’ and have yet to explore your need to enforce your weird sex issues or ‘morality’ onto others.

World Health Organization: ‘up to two years of age or beyond

Breastfeeding Past Infancy: Fact Sheet:



Breastfeeding Rates Outside Your Small World:

‘My research suggests that the normal and natural duration of breastfeeding for modern humans falls between 2.5 years at a minimum and about 7 years at a maximum.’ Katherine Dettwyler, professor of anthropology, University of Delaware How Long Should I Nurse My Baby?

Point #4 – Breast feedingBreast-feeding conversation is much deeper than your opinion (which no one really cares about anyway). Current US breastfeeding rates are suboptimal and result in significant excess costs and preventable infant deaths. If 90% of US families could comply with medical recommendations to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months, the US would save $13 billion per year and prevent more than 911 deaths, nearly all of which would be infants, according to Pediatrics.

Point #5Attachment Parenting. To the people criticizing AP: Whatwth are you talking about? I work with clients that practice AP and they are some of the most amazing women I know.  They are highly educated, well balanced, wonderful, and HARD WORKING mothers…and their children are awesome.

Point #6 – Social Immaturity & Hypocrisy. The people ‘disgusted’ about this, or public breast feedingbreast-feeding, simply have not put much effort into thinking about the issue. It’s because there are boobs that people freak out. Make no mistake,mistake; there are a lot people with unresolved, weird sex issues they project onto others. And they have loud mouths. Apparently from what my European friends & clients tell me, this fear of breast feedingbreast-feeding is largely an American phenomenon.


If you have a problem with women breast feedingbreast-feeding in public, please put a bag over your head so you don’t have to see it. Or you can go hide out in the bathroom until they are done feeding.

Personally, I would have chosen this for the cover:

ScreenHunter 36 Jan. 28 15.27 Breast Feeding and Attachment Parenting

Go ahead…tell her to cover up.

When We Favor Facts Over Opinions and Speak Up, We Change the Conversations

It’s largely the uniformed that those who have the biggest mouths and little to offer on the topic. Here is the best book on the topic of feeding babies:

 ScreenHunter 37 Jan. 28 15.28 Breast Feeding and Attachment Parenting

Real Food for Mother and Baby

Nina Planck

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Here is another great book on raising children:

ScreenHunter 38 Jan. 28 15.28 Breast Feeding and Attachment Parenting

Our Babies, Ourselves

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Babies are great. Breast feedingBreast-feeding is great. Breasts are beautiful, but they are not only sexual, they are also life sustaining and designed to nourish human babies. Breast feedingBreast-feeding is an art, mastered through millions of years of practice! It takes a village of cooperating people to raise children. And that means we need to be better educated on breast feedingbreast-feeding as a society.

I am surrounded by breast feedingbreast-feeding mothers,mothers; I fully support breast feedingbreast-feeding and encourage others to do the same. Not everyone is going to be able to do what others can, and I’m not setting expectations on other moms or guilting/shaming women here, some of us are promoting education – to an uneducated and immature village, get it?



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