Cardio for Fat Loss…plus a cool video

Lesson 3 Cardio for Fat Loss
…plus a cool video…

Everyone seems to be doing cardio right after New Years.
So it must be the best thing to do….right?

Most people have good intentions, but bad ideas with exercise.
Cardio is the perfect example…

What if I told you that cardio is actually the worst type of exercise for fat loss and health?

Would you doubt me because everyone at the gym does it?
Do you need research or can you think for yourself and just LOOK at people running in the streets or on the treadmills to see how unhealthy and miserable they are?
Look at their faces and you will see desperation, stress, pain or the look of someone fiending from a high they’re getting….

Getting high doesn’t erase depression or burn stress…
When you come down from that high, guess what?
Metabolism slows back down and the depression and stress are still right there!
Next time you go to the gym or health club – look at the people who are there consistently doing healthy strength training. It’s rare, but if you look, you will find them…and they look good.

Then look at those people who are doing cardio. There is more of them, they are inconsistent and the look on their faces or their posture says it all…

Cardio does not burn fat.
Cardio does not burn stress.
FACT – cardio causes hormonal stress that makes you fat and age before your time.

If you are overweight, cardio is a bad idea because you have too much weight to be pounding into your joints and already have hormonal stress – cardio makes it worse.

The BEST way to burn fat, improve your health, get strong and lean is with a LESS IS MORE approach to exercise.

If you are overweight:
Walk outdoors for 20-30 minutes and follow the eating guidelines in my free report.

If you are healthy and have just a little fat to lose:
Exercise 3-4 days per week with total body exercises that use Swiss Ball and bodyweight exercises only.
Workouts should last 30 minutes.
If you really want to do cardio, do less than 20 minutes at a time on alternate days from your strength training. Or you can do 1 or 2 interval training sessions per week – that’s it!
Interval training is much more effective – 10-15 seconds of high intensity walking/elliptical followed by 45 seconds easy walk and repeat 2-3 times.

If you are overwhelmed, overstressed, underslept, addicted to coffee and tired during the day – you don’t need traditional gym exercise, you need:
Walking, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong
Reduce your stress
Get more rest
Drink more water
Eat better QUALITY food, especially more fat and protein
Find a job you LOVE

Since everyone is an individual – internet fitness guidelines don’t make a lot of sense. I strongly suggest you get a book or hire a coach. Even if you see a coach once a month.
My favorite book to get started and INDIVIDUALIZE your plan is Paul Chek’s ‘How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy.’ You can get it at

Also, I am building an online community where you will get direct access to me, my coaches, my goal setting system, recipes, a blog and guidelines on how to live a healthy and inspired life – so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, check out this short, but VERY COOL video and hit the gym before you go out tonight…

Have a great weekend

Antonio Valladares
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
Exercise Specialist



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