Chocolate – the best of the best

The absolute best type of chocolate you can consume is Organic Raw Cacao.
If you do a little online research, you will find that there are many health benefits of this superfood.

Almost half of the worlds chocolate is being produced with child slave labor in West Africa – so yes, the brands you purchase have a powerful impact in the world we live.

What we choose to eat will either improve or ruin our health and will also contribute or contaminate the consciousness of the planet we all live on.

I personally purchase Fair Trade and usually get chocolate or cacao from small, local companies that sell to my local health food stores. Since I live in downtown Manhattan, there is plenty of good health food stores all over that have great brands that I trust, eat and recommend.

If you use it wisely – that means choose a high quality product, and don’t eat it too often and not too much, chocolate or cacao can be quite healthy.

Choose the wrong type (commercially produced junk foods, candies and chocolate bars which are loaded with sugars and artificial ingredients) and it can make you fat.

Either way, there is a stimulant (similar to caffeine) in chocolate & cacao, so be careful how much you use.

I only eat dark chocolate and not milk chocolate and recommend the same for most.

These are my favorites:


CocoChia 3D Bar Chocolate   the best of the best

These are just a few of the cacao and chocolate products I like — what about you?
Please email me your favorite chocolate treats!



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