Eating Seasonally

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Even though we all have heard time and again how important it is to get in our recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, most of us rarely do despite all of the health benefits associated with consuming them. However it’s not just eating our fruits and vegetables that benefit us, but also eating them seasonally. There are several reasons why consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables ranks even higher than just eating fruits and vegetables.

1. Flavorful Foods
Produce that is eaten in season has a dramatically more intense flavor than produce that is bought out of season. This is because you’re eating it at its natural production time rather than food that is manufactured out of season and shipped across the world to make it into your grocery store.

2. Amped Up Nutrients
We tend to get caught up eating the foods that are more well-known to us and end up missing out on a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. By chomping on a wider variety of seasonal produce we get food that is not only more flavorful than its manufactured counterparts, but also a variety of nutrients that we’d be otherwise missing.

3. Money, money, money
Seasonal produce is cheaper than produce that is being manufactured out of season – which is a great reason to do some research and find out what it is in season during different times of the year. Because it’s not having to be transported in from around the world you avoid all the hidden costs such as shipping, holding in warehouses, etc.

4. Avoiding Food Burn Out
When you eat the same foods day in and day out eventually you’re going to get tired of it. But when you eat seasonally and are constantly changing what you’re eating your taste buds never get bored. Plus you’ll be able to look forward to different foods throughout the year, such as fresh berries in the summer and pumpkin in the fall.

5. Supporting Local Businesses
Aside from a wider variety of food, better nutrients, and cheaper food costs, you’ll also be supporting local farmers. And wouldn’t you rather help keep the mom and pop businesses alive then eating food that is processed and shipped from far away?

The next time you head out for fresh produce do a quick search and find a local farmer’s market to buy your fruits and vegetables. Not only will your wallet and waistline thank you, but your local businesses will too. It’s an all-around winning situation.

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