Who is Antonio Valladares?

Antonio Valladares is an exercise specialist and holistic nutritionist, fitness and wellness coach. He is a corrective exercise kinesiologist and has been a certified personal trainer (ACE, ACSM, NASM, Chek Institute) and licensed massage therapist for 15 years. Antonio runs a very successful pre/post natal fitness & nutrition business. Antonio trains athletes and is the founder of Burn Sports, NYC’s leading fitness, nutrition & wellness coaching company for women.

Antonio offers seminars, one on one coaching, consulting, blogs and consults with the media on the essential principles of nutrition and his permanent weight loss, reversing digestive and hormonal imbalances and achieving optimal brain function, health, vitality and wellness.

What is the Healthy Urban Kitchen?

The Healthy Urban Kitchen is a healthy eating guide recipes, meal plans and education about real food and eliminates allergenic and inflammatory foods. The Healthy Urban Kitchen teaches the most essential principles for health, vitality, weight loss and disease prevention.

The Healthy Urban Kitchen is a simple, step by step system for shopping, cooking and eating the world’s healthiest foods for busy people who want to lose weight, improve their health and have more energy.

The Healthy Urban Kitchen is not a diet book or a cookbook. It is the ultimate healthy eating guide & recipe book that features over 100 truly healthy, nutritious and delicious recipes that radically improve your health, promote weight loss and prevent disease. It comes with 6 months of recipe updates and meal plans along with coaching calls on weight loss and nutrition.   

The Healthy Urban Kitchen was designed by a real world fitness & nutrition expert to answer the most common questions he has been asked for the last 15 years: ‘What should I eat?’ and ‘What is a healthy diet?’

The Healthy Urban Kitchen covers fast and easy ways to cook, kitchen makeover, recipes and meal plans, cooking guidelines, shopping strategies, tips to save money and time as well as online shopping and educational resources.
• Solutions for two common concerns: What Should You Eat and What is a Healthy Diet?
• Gluten, soy, peanut and dairy free, except for butter. Other tree nuts are used, but can be substituted. Very few recipes (maybe 3 or 4 out of 100+) call for dairy products like cheese, but it is rare and an exception. I have included these recipes for people transitioning to a healthier diet & lifestyle.
• Butter and coconut oil are used extensively – these can be substituted for those with allergies.
• Fats & Oils: Healthy vs. Unhealthy. Discover unhealthy oils that are being marketed as ‘healthy’. This information is life changing!
• How to lose weight without ever having to count calories or starving.
• A specific way to determine your personal metabolism so that you can choose the precise foods that are best for you…No nutrition or weight loss program can begin without this critical component.
• Organic food, grass fed meats and raw dairy – what you need to know and the best resources to find them in your area!
• A detailed shopping list that tells you exactly what to buy
• Tons of delicious & nutritious recipes that are easy to prepare.
• Tips on how to eat healthy with a super busy schedule.
• Detailed meal plans.

What types of food can I expect to be eating while following the Healthy Urban Kitchen Program?

All the foods recommended in the Healthy Urban Kitchen are wholesome, natural foods that are found in nature and nothing man made or processed. All foods Mother Nature intended that create health and encourage weight loss. Food such as:
• organic eggs
• naturally raised and grass fed meats & poultry
• wild fish
• fruits & vegetables
• nuts & seeds
• healthy oils
• natural grains (gluten free)

How much weight can I lose on The Healthy Urban Kitchen?

That answer is based on the question: How much weigh do you want to lose? It’s quiet easy to achieve your ideal weight when you follow the nutritional principles taught in this program.

You will see results and feel energetic right away. Most people lose 4-8 lbs just in the first week. Some of this weight may be water weight because you most likely are eating all the wrong foods! After the first week, weight loss averages 1-2 lbs every week.

Why does this program work when so many other programs have failed?

This program is based on my 15 years of getting excellent results, tons of scientific research and the most important study ever done on human health and nutrition. Every principle taught in The Healthy Urban Kitchen is proven to be the most effective way to lose weight, prevent disease and poor health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Antonio personally incorporates every principle taught in the Healthy Urban Kitchen into his daily life. Similarly, countless numbers of his own clients, seminar attendees, fellow health professionals, friends and family have also followed these exacts principles and achieved their own weight loss success and radically improved their health.

How does the Healthy Urban Kitchen compare to other popular weight loss programs?

The Atkins Diet, like all popular diets, is a ‘one size fits all’ approach and does not address your individual biological requirements for food. The Healthy Urban Kitchen does. Atkins recommends a diet that limits every type of carbohydrate (even fruits and vegetables). I have found that each person is different and requires different amounts of carbs. I have also found that significant weight loss and increased health can be achieved while still incorporating healthy fruits, vegetables into ones meal plans. The Healthy Urban Kitchen does not recommend this extreme carbohydrate reduction method for weight loss.

The Zone
The Zone Diet, like all popular diets, is a ‘one size fits all’ approach and does not address your individual biological requirements for food. The Healthy Urban Kitchen does. The Zone teaches some good principles and some unhealthy ones as well. The Zone promotes low fat protein but the fact is that some people do feel better eating higher fat proteins like beef, dark meat poultry and some fatty fish. The Healthy Urban Kitchen also does not promote the ingredients in many Zone products like soy protein and corn syrup.

South Beach
The South Beach Diet, also like all popular diets, is a ‘one size fits all’ approach and does not address your individual biological requirements for food. The healthy Urban Kitchen does. The South Beach Diet promotes the use of artificial sweeteners which are harmful to the body and cause weight gain. The Healthy Urban Kitchen does not agree with the ingredients in many South Beach products such as soy, corn syrup and palm kernel oil.
Skinny Bitch
Once again, Skinny Bitch, like all popular diets, is a ‘one size fits all’ approach and does not address your individual biological requirements for food. The Healthy Urban Kitchen does. This program is a complete Vegan approach (eliminating all animal foods – meats, poultry, eggs, fish, dairy).

Healthy Urban Kitchen teaches the truth that human beings are not all designed to follow the same diet. Some people require more animal foods and others require less.

Skiiny Bitch heavily recommends a diet full of processed foods, mineral blockers, thyroid suppressors and some of the world’s most common food allergens.

The Rice Diet Solution
I am beginning to feel like a broken record, but here we go again: The Rice Diet, like all popular diets, is a ‘one size fits all’ approach and does not address your individual biological requirements for food. The healthy Urban Kitchen does. It is an extreme and fast approach to weight loss. The Healthy Urban Kitchen does not promote this extreme method of weight loss but rather teaches a natural lifestyle plan that can be realistically maintained long term. Low fat approaches to dieting are harmful and have not worked for 30 years.

Bob Greene‘s The Best Life Diet 
Bob Greene has made over ten million dollars on his diet book and his most famous client, Oprah Winfrey, is a dieting failure. Bob Greene, like everyone else, is promoting a ‘one size fits all’ approach to dieting. He has made millions of dollars promoting McDonalds and other junk food companies. His program consists of soy, highly processed ingredients, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, Splenda, artificial flavors and various chemicals. The program works if your goal is to be sick, fat, depressed and eventually diseased.

Kathy Freston Detox
Kathy Freston’s Quantum Wellness became extremely popular when Oprah followed her 21 day detox plan. Although short detox periods can be beneficial to most people, this program is a complete vegan approach (eliminating all animal foods – meats, poultry, eggs, fish). Again, veganism is a ‘one size fits all’ approach that does not address the biochemical individuality that defines us a human beings. This is not a realistic lifestyle approach for most people.

The Healthy Urban Kitchen teaches people how to maintain weight loss and eat healthy for the long term. Kathy’s program also promotes soy and soy products, the world’s most unhealthy ‘health’ food.
Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers is a number based counting system for people who don’t know how to eat. However, eating is not supposed to be a math class.

Although they hired one of the worlds best ad writers for their marketing campaigns, their method is largely ineffective. Weight Watchers recommends all sorts of food allergens, unhealthy junk food, processed foods, low fat products that make you fat and artificial sweeteners. This approach has been failing Americans for 30 years.
Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem
Please see ‘Weight Watchers’ and replace the brand name.
The Diet Solution Program
Isabel De Los Rios is one of the few fitness & nutrition experts I respect and highly recommend. She has the education and experience to recognize the fact that human beings have different needs and require different diet plans. The Diet Solution Program is one of the best programs available on the internet and a perfect compliment to the Healthy Urban Ktichen.


The Elimiation Diet

Dax Moy is the UK’s leading fitness expert and I highly recommend his Elimination Diet. It is one of the few programs that are perfectly aligned with the Healthy Urban Kitchen and one of the very few programs I highly recommend.

People need to discover what works best for them. This is not achieved by following the advice of celebrities, most diet ‘experts’ or following a plan that is produced for the masses. The Healthy Urban Kitchen shows you the simplest and most effective way to discover your unique metabolism and avoid all the dieting nonsense and weight loss madness that dominates the media. We also give you tons of recipes that are easy to make and 6 months of support.

Do I have to exercise for this program to work?

Every person on planet should exercise whether they want to lose weight or not. However, exercise does not have to be aggressive or hard like many people believe. Everyone should incorporate some form of healthy physical activity into their life. Exercise is essential, but the Healthy Urban Kitchen can help you lose weight without an exercise program. Although thid si not an exercise program, you will some ideas as to what he recommends as the most effective programs for weight loss and healthy muscle development.

Is this program an extreme diet?

Not at all. It’s not a diet.

The Healthy Urban Kitchen is a real way of eating that can be maintained for life because it is based on our relatioship with nature.

It teaches you the most natural approach to health, wellness and weight loss. The Healthy Urban Kitchen teaches you exactly how you have to eat to lose weight and how to keep it off long term, WITHOUT dieting, drugs, surgery or any extreme methods.

The Healthy Urban Kitchen IS different than what mainstream diet programs are teaching.

Do I have to buy any supplements, pills, or bars and shakes for this program?

No! Pills, supplements, bars or shakes are not necessary for this program to work. In fact, it strongly urges against them, as most supplements do not prove any long term results. The Halthy Urban Kitchen teaches all of the principles that you must follow before including any supplement into your meal plan. Any supplement, bar or shake will just be a waste of time and money without first following the basic principles.

I live in South Africa/Australia/South America/etc, will this program work for me?

As long as you eat real food: meat, eggs, poultry, fish, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables – and want to get healthy, you can follow this program.

The Healthy Urban Kitchen is not a diet; it is the truth about the optimal diet for humans and a method to determine the most natural way for you to eat to get amazing results. It is based in nature and will work for any person anywhere.  
I am a vegan/vegetarian, will this program work for me?

No. This program is not appropriate for vegans or vegetarians. If you have been on a vegan/vegetarian diet and feel lousy, have low energy, overweight, underweight, experiencing hair loss, brain fog or depression and you want to get better, then the answer is yes. This program will teach you how to eat according to your biological needs and I have found every vegan/vegetarian who honors their bodies needs and includes more animal foods in their diet immediately feels and looks better.

How will the Healthy Urban Kitchen affect my Diabetes?

If you are currently taking prescription medication for your Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, you need to discuss any changes in your nutrition with your physician.

Because the Healthy Urban Kitchen utilizes a carb controlled approach and natural foods (such as healthy proteins and fibrous fruits & vegetables) and recommends the reduction of sugar and most grains, you may experience a natural reduction in blood sugar. You must discuss these changes with your physician so they can oversee any necessary changes that need to be made in your current medications.
Many diabetics find it necessary to check their blood sugar more often in the initial stages of following programs like the Healthy Urban Kitchen. If you are ready to take control of your health, or have any specific questions or are interested in personal coaching from Antonio, please email: healthyurbankitchen @ gmail.com
I am allergic to certain foods, can I still follow The Healthy Urban Kitchen?

The Healthy Urban Kitchen was designed from Antonio’s personal experience with dairy and gluten intolerance, his experience working with people who have food intolerance/allergies and his desire to eat the world’s healthiest diet. This program is proven to produce amazing results for people with allergies to certain foods.

This program is totally gluten free and only has a small number of recipes calling for raw dairy. Butter and coconut oil are used extensively but can be substituted.

If you are allergic to eggs and/or dairy, the Healthy Urban Kitchen offers a variety of other healthy protein sources that you can include in your meal plans without these foods. There are no peanuts, but if you are allergic to other nuts, these foods do not need to be included in your meal to see great results. If you are allergic to berries, or other varieties of fruits and vegetables, you can eliminate those foods from your food choices and choose from the remaining fruits and vegetables that you can eat.
Do I need to follow the Healthy Urban Kitchen perfectly for it to work?

The Healthy Urban Kitchen is the exact blueprint for how I, my friends, some of my collegues and most successful clients eat everyday. It is not hard to follow, but no, you don’t have to follow it exactly. You can choose to do whatever you want. But if you want the best results, I encourage you to do your best and follow the program at least 80% of the time.

I encourage everyone to challenge themselves to reach a new level of health, vitality and an ideal weight they may not have thought was ever possible for them before. I think it is possible for anyone to get amazing results and I encourage you to take yourself beyond current limits and live an awesome life.
The Healthy Urban Kitchen works if you begin with one small change at a time. Most people experience radical changes in their weight and their health after just incorporating one of the principles taught in the program!

Can the The Healthy Urban Kitchen be applied to my entire family (including my really young children)?

Yes. You will actually find that every principle taught in The Healthy Urban Kitchen is also applicable to children. I only recommend wholesome, natural foods, which are exactly what every growing child needs. The meal plans and all food suggestions offer a great healthy eating plan for the whole family.

What is an e-book and what is the difference between purchasing an e-book and a hardcover?

An e-book is a PDF file that is available for immediate download after your purchase. You will receive download instructions for the Healthy Urban Kitchen program e-book, as well as the bonus reports. You will be able to download them and print them within minutes of ordering.

Having immediate access to these files is a major benefit of e-book distribution. If you want to start your new nutrition program within the next hour, you can do so simply by ordering your e-book and downloading the information.

Currently, The Healthy Urban Kitchen is not offered as a hardcover.