What You Dont Know About FAT May Shock You

There are some little known facts about ‘health foods’ and our favorite ‘comfort foods’ that you won’t hear about often in mainstream media. Sometimes, the things you hear about in the media are already outdated and there are other more important issues that they simply don’t know about yet. And other times, they are dead wrong! Trans fats, for example. Trans fats have been known to be dangerous for years. They have only recently been getting attention in the media. I am going to share a few facts about foods & fats that many people think are ‘ok in moderation’ and in fact, many people will defend their right to eat these foods, no matter how dangerous they are. These foods...

are not only unhealthy because they make you fat, give you digestive problems or bad skin, but the real issue is that they are highly potent poisons to our body that cause disorder and disease.

The real problem with certain foods is not the food itself, but the fats used for cooking and in creating them. Fats that are used to prepare some common foods cause inflammation, rashes, heartburn, liver problems, blood clots, arterial spasm and cancer. Some of these new fats cause heart disease, immune system dysfunction, sterility, learning disabilities, growth problems and osteoporosis.

But I’m not going to leave you hangin with a list of ‘forbidden’ foods. I’m also hookin you up with better alternatives…

French fries & potato chips – as an example, there are many problems with this American, errr, internationally revered staple ‘food.’

The main problem might be that most American’s consider French fries to be a daily serving of vegetables!!! Not kidding!

Its also not necessarily that white potatoes can be highly allergenic for kids or that you typically get the bottom of the barrel of the crop or the fact that they are heavily sprayed with pesticides.Actually, the other real problem is the man made, polyunstaurated vegetable oils used to fry them.

But its not just French fries – these same oils are used in everything from salad dressing to mayonnaise and in most all processed foods – even some ‘health’ foods and ‘energy bars.’

They are much more of a serious danger when they are heated over and over again as restaurants and food processors do. Even the best gourmet restaurants and your favorite energy bars do this.

Man made vegetable oils are not a part of nature. We are not supposed to be eating them.

Vegetables? Yes.

Oils that have been removed from foods and used to cook with? No.

Heating them up and using them over and over again – this is extremely unhealthy.

The main culprits are soy, corn, canola, cottonseed, sunflower and safflower. These foods are often genetically modified first. Then the oils are high in omega 6 fats (which we have too much of in the Standard American Diet) and when heated (excessively and continually as restaurants do) become poisonous, much like trans fats.

All hydrogenated oils are poisonous. But all fats heated to very high temperatures in processing and frying are also dangerous.

In fact, some experts think that these polyunsaturated fats when heated are worse for us than trans-fats.

Simple Solution – what do I always say: stay away from man made processed foods, especially stay away from man made oils, salad dressings, French fries, hash browns and foods that are deep friend at restaurants.

The following nutrient-rich traditional fats have nourished healthy population groups for thousands of years. These fats are healthy when you get them in their natural state – organic!
•    Butter
•    Beef and lamb tallow
•    Lard (from small organic farms)
•    Chicken, goose and duck fat
•    Coconut, palm and sesame oils
•    Cold pressed olive oil
•    Cold pressed flax oil
•    Marine oils (fish, cod liver, krill)

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I also provide you with a few of my favorite salsas, like Spicy Pina Salsa and marinades including Hawaiian Island Marindae!!! These are all nutrient rich, made wit healthy fats and totally delicious!

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‘But French Fries??? – I hardly ever eat them!!!’

I know, I hear that, but the thing is this….

Most adults I know will rarely choose these foods.

French fries are typically consumed by – and fed to – children all the time.

Adults, however, at least the ones I know in NYC and LA, will choose these rarely, but often after a night of drinking! This is officially called a Double Whammy! Eating poisonous fats after a night of alcohol is not a recipe for health, fat loss or longevity!

French fries – If you want to make them yourself, you can bake them. Some restaurants now serve baked fries. You can also use sweet potatoes as well.

Use a simple baking tray and lightly butter or oil it up with coconut oil and place in oven at 350.

Keep your eye on it and flip them once

Bake for 30 – 40 minutes or until you have desired readiness – some like them softer, others like them crunchier! Thin fries will cook faster.

When you take them out – serve them with some Celtic or Himalayan Sea Salt and a little more butter/coconut oil if you wish.

Serve these as a side to your main protein meal. They work really well for breakfast with eggs!!!



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  1. It’s important to note that unhealthy vegetable oils were not introduced into the diet until after 1911 by food manufacturers looking to produce cheapier products. The unstable composition of these oils, especially with exposure to heat causes them to break down in the body and accumulate as toxins! This has ill effects on the metabolism and clogs arteries. In this regard, these fats do make people fat and unhealthy. The problem is that people mistakenly associate this truth with other fats. The right fats are extremely beneficial to health as they support metabolism, hormone balance, cell structures, etc. Your program teaches what those fats are and how to incorporate them into your diet for maximum health!

  2. Agree that while dieting you need something to replace all natural substaces that you lack. I have tried many things buy Omega is that you need. Thanks for the post.

  3. Another great informative post about the essential TRUTH behind these hidden tales Antonio.

    Keep it up!

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