FDA vs Chek

Ok, so I may have made some generalizations there…

Im not afraid to make some generalizations.

Most of America is overweight. That’s a generalization and its true.

I said the people who run those mega-food companies are not healthy.

But I dont know that for sure.  I can give you one Hell of a GOOD GUESS that they are out of shape & dont look like me, my friends, my clients, my colleagues or my teachers of the same age – so its an ssumption and a generalization.

But why don’t you tell me…I am going to share some photos of people in leadership positions and you tell me who looks best….

By the way, I’m just having fun while we finish filming and editing the stress management videos I promised you….

Image of FDA Chief & longtime Bush family friend Dr. Andrew C. von Eschenbach & some other official guy I always see at Cardio Kickboxing Class

heparinhearing 080422 mn FDA vs Chek

or Paul Chek…

meetPaul FDA vs Chek

As a general rule, I put more faith in people who look healthy, fit and have a balanced perspective and look like they are really enjoying their lives.

I have other cool photos coming up and some cool tips to help you stay cool in the midst of whatever stormyou may be riding through…




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