Food and Your Mood

Do you want to know how food affects your mood?

Do you want to know the truth about why so many people are overweight, overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed, anxious, moody and craggy all the time?

It’s true….it’s scary as hell, but its true.

The FDA, you know, that jolly group of healthy, vibrant, compassionate individuals who loves us so much, allows 3000 chemicals in our foods – from food additives, colors, flavor enhancers and other strange things.

There are also 400 pesticides as well that are known to cause serious damage to your hormonal system and nervous system.

The craziest thing is this –> no one knows what happens when you mix these pesticides together or when you combine this noxious bug killer cocktail with the food additives.

Did you know there are laws governing the waste and removal of these poisons – laws specifically governing the mixing of these chemicals when they are disposed of — but mixing them on our produce when they spray them seems to be ok. Way to go FDA!

If you didn’t know – your moods are controlled by your hormonal and nervous system.

If you are eating foods that you are sensitive to – including any number of these harmful chemicals, or combination thereof, you can experience digestive issues which will inhibit the absorption of the foods you ate which means your body doesn’t get what it needs to have normal function.

In fact, it may be getting what it needs to be dysfunctional.

Even if it your digestion isn’t affected, you could be ingesting multiple chemicals that directly affect your brain function.

You know what’s interesting?

The experts that are reversing autism and developmental disorders in children and helping people recover from serious life threatening diseases like cancer –> you know, the ones you don’t hear about on TV, one of the first steps they have their patients do is eat organic, whole foods to get the chemicals out of their foods.

The next step is to eliminate foods that are common allergens.

Its easy to see how important foods are when we think of diseased or developmentally challenged people or children.

But what about the rest of us?

The absolute most important step anyone who wants to improve their health and lose fat and have normal brain function is to simply Go Organic.

What’s more important than eating organic fruits and vegetables – is finding meats and fats that are grass-fed and organic.

Animals and humans store toxins (chemicals) in fats. That’s right – the more fat a person or an animal is, the more toxic they are.

So eating meats and fats (eggs, butter, beef, lamb, chicken, etc) that are GRASS FED are better than meats that are only labeled ‘organic.’

But if can only afford one or the other — if you have to choose between organic produce and meats – choose meats.

I will have a list of the least sprayed produce in my book so you can still choose some produce that is non-organic if you have to and be safe.

One of my favorite places to get grass-fed meats is here in NYC at the Union Square Green Market.

For those who don’t live in the Big Apple, check out: and you can find a source in your area.

For my readers and friends who live outside the USA, please send me your favorite website that you use to find grass fed and organic foods! I appreciate it!

If you choose grass fed meats whenever you can – you will be taking a massive step in reducing your exposure to these toxic chemicals.

Also m the more these smaller family run organic farms that have animals that are grazing on grass (as they are supposed to be) — the less support these mega corporations that are producing crappy foods will have which means the organic industry will only continue to grow and that means it will become much easier to find organic and grass feds foods everywhere!

Stay tuned as next post will cover common food allergens that are producing allergic reactions, digestive dysfunction and brain chemistry imbalance in 90% of the client I have worked with in NYC – which means, it may also be happening to you.

Eat Clean – Go Organic and Grass Fed!




3 Comments on Food and Your Mood

  1. Hi Antonio,
    Excellant article..I am eagerly waiting on your next article about food allergens and the digestive system..since I have problems with both of those..thanks for all your information.


  2. Hey i found your article so interesting…i live in Jamaica and can i tell you that when i eat even fried chicken from our local farmers i dont feel bloated and i dont really get fatter but one meal combo of KFC or Popeyes fried chicken and fries and i feel blown up…ironically i use to gravitate to the US fast food restaurants here because the chicken pieces are enormous compared to local farmers but…i guess they make you enormous too when it eat them!

  3. thanks for your comments…the food allergies & intolerance issue is one of hte biggest issues I have come across in my 15 years as a professional….its going to be good! and my cookbook is allergy free!

    Khandi – Stay away from KFC! – those fast food places have so many artificial ingredients that will make you fat and sick!
    Jamaica sounds awesome – do your best to stay away from any deep fried food…you may notice that local farmers have smaller portions of foods but since it has more nutrition, it will usually help you feel better becuase the food offers more nutrition!

    THanks and talk to you all real soon – I have a killer new blog coming out next week plus videos!


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