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  1. Trudie Almond // February 11, 2009 at 7:52 PM // Reply

    Hi I heard about your book Healthy Urban Kitchen through Isobel Del Los Rios.

    I live in South Africa and was wondering if it would be worthwhile purchasing your book as there are certain items/ingredients available
    in the States which are not available here in SA. Would this book be a
    good guideline in terms of preparation of ‘healthy’ food? I would
    appreciate your feedback as I am interested in purchasing the book.

  2. Trudie!

    The only ingredients I suggest are whole foods: meats, fruits, veggies, butter, coconut oil and nuts

    So it dosnt matter where you live as long as you follow the healthy living guidelines and cooking suggestions, you will improve your health and feel better.

    I don’t really recommend supplements other than a fish oil, but if you can get that then don’t worry about it. Just stuck to whole foods adn stick to foods your ancestors ate and teh cooking methods used by your ancestors as wll.

    This program wil explain what healthy is and show you how to eat and live healthy no matter where you live or how old you are or anything esle

    Any questions, feel free to comments

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