Top 10 Food Allergens

Are you ready to discover the 11 most allergenic foods and see if any of these
are causing you to be fat, bloated or fatigued?

Why is it important to know about food allergens??? Just ask yourself these questions…

Are you sick of getting bloated?

Have you struggled with anxiety or depression and can’t figure out WHY?

Have you struggled with skin issues and acne?

Are you trying to lose weight but nothing seems to be working?

Do you often get that late afternoon energy slump?

The answers to these and many other similar questions have EVERYTHING to do with what you are eating.

More often than not, most people are eating crappy foods to begin with.

What also happens quite often is people who are trying to be healthy and lose weight are eating foods that trigger all sorts of health problems as a result of food allergies, sensitivities and intolerance.

I’ll give you the list of foods and I suggest you pay attention over the next
couple of weeks and see how you react after you eat these foods.

This is one of the many reasons why Food Journals work so well.

Not for counting calories or obsessing over what you eat. But for paying
attention and noticing how you react to certain foods.

You might be surprised to find that some of these common ‘health’ foods are
anything but healthy.

The most common allergenic foods are:

Gluten – a protein found in wheat and most grains. Gluten is implicated
in every single digestive disorder I have seen. Gluten is found everywhere, from BBQ sauce to
‘whole grain’ energy bars and everything in between. It is also responsible for all kinds of
neurological dysfunctions and mood imbalances.

Pasteurized Dairy – this is a HOT topic! I will cover more of what you need to
know in the next few newsletters…you may want to hold off on your low fat yogurt
(which is nothing more than glorified junk food) and get ready for this one!

Sugar – not just white table sugar, sugars come in many shapes and sizes.
Did you know that ALL Carbs are sugars? And
not everyone tolerates the carbs the same way?
Did you know that sugar acts the same on the brain as cocaine? Imagine
mixing it with caffeine and other synthetic ingredients and feeding it to
children? Actually, you don’t have to imagine. It’s happening right now.

I wrote a controversial article on the topic of marketing sports drinks to kids
that was immediately BANNED by some major corporations…wait till you hear
about this one!

Alcohol – yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Red wine has antioxidants,
right? Well, possibly…but more importantly, did you know that it also contains
yeast, sulfur dioxide, histamine, additives and don’t forget about the pesticides
used to grow the grapes. Millions of people have been led to believe that
the antioxidants in wine are very healthy and in fact, I hear people use this alcohol industry marketing tool to justify their drinking habits.
Yet most fail to realize that when the food itself causes bloating, it ruins your ability to digest and utilize the antioxidants properly and sine it also contains all these other nasty,
allergenic ingredients, the drawbacks far outweigh the benefits. …and let’s not forget about the ‘intoxication’ part (key word being ‘toxic’) of drinking.

Did you know that what causes you to wake up around 4 am after a night of drinking is the same thing that can make you fat and age prematurely?
Ever stop and think about the health consequences of being bloated for an entire day after a night of drinking?
Your body is a beautifully designed, dynamic system of systems and when an allergenic food gets into your body – all hell can break loose in many ways.
The list of problems associated with food allergies, intolerance and sensitivities is enormous.

The dramatic results people experience when they finally realize these issues and stop eating problematic foods are absolutely amazing.

I am going to save the rest of the list for the next newsletter, but don’t
worry. It will come much sooner than the last two.

In the meanwhile, if you really want to get healthy and lose fat and look like
a superstar….use a food journal and pay attention to how these foods treat
your body and mind.
Talk soon
Have a great week and stay tuned for my new blog and video updates!!!



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