Holiday Tips so You DONT Gain Weight

Holiday Tips so you DON’T Gain Weight….

Although everyone likes to give and look out for others during the holidays, if you are tired, bloated, hung over and beating yourself up emotionally from partying and overeating, you cant really ‘give’ much of yourself or ‘look out for others’ when you don’t feel well – can you? To have a wonderful holiday experience and get started on your fitness and fat loss goals and still enjoy some parties, follow these simple, yet powerful tips that are proven to work and you might even lose a pound or two during the holidays….

1 – Take care of yourself FIRST and you will have plenty of love & energy to give others. Set goals to not overextend your self, your bank account or your stomach this holiday season. Set health, fitness and weight loss goals NOW, not New Years. New Years Resolutions DO NOT WORK so don’t bother. Instead, go out and have fun on New Years and forget the whole resolution thing! Set realistic goals NOW for the next 4-6 weeks. Then make your personal projections for the first quarter of 2008, by asking yourself these health, fitness & lifestyle questions – Who would I love to be? What would I love to do? How would I love to look and feel? Ask yourself daily.

2 – Get in mini-exercise sessions whenever you can. Don’t worry about getting to the gym for an hour and don’t waste time with cardio. My 15 min body weight workouts will do the trick. Exercise the morning of your company or family parties and stay true to your self by setting realistic goals for eating and drinking and getting to sleep at a reasonable time.

3 – Focus on food quality and quantity throughout the holidays. Every meal should have a protein, fat and carb. Your stomach is not any bigger during the holidays so don’t treat it as such. Every meal should have a protein, fat and carb. Split the meals up into thirds untill you know what your metabolic type is.

4 – Get Up, Get On Up! Dance or go for a walk after dinner. If you’re at a company party and want to dance, wait a little while to start digestion and then get on up and hit the dance floor! If your home with family, go for a nice walk with your nephews and your brother’s dog. Walking is man’s best medicine and will help digest your meal.

5 – Alcohol – if you are going to drink alcohol, set goals and limits. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Have a small snack like a handful of walnuts or almonds or bring fish oil pills or get a fat/protein appetizer like cheese, fish or avocado. If you wake up hung-over, don’t beat yourself up. Just get up and set goals to take better care of yourself and feel better more often.

6 – You cant BURN OFF what you did on the treadmill. That’s a lie so don’t buy into it. Don’t drink sugar-loaded mixed drinks just because they are cute or trendy. Also, there is no difference between red wine and tequila – all alcohol is a highly refined sugar that causes intoxication, inflammation and weight gain. No, there is no antioxidant benefit to drinking wine – especially when your getting smashed and eating crap. That’s another lie so its best not to lie and just be honest. Want to be healthy? Stop getting drunk. Period.

7 –Drink water – half your body weight in ounces every day. Add a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt and drink 10-15 minutes before dinner. This will help you digest your meal better.

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