How Food Affects your Mood

FACT – Most people are obsessed with fat: gaining fat, losing fat, looking fat, looking skinny, ‘does this make me look fat?’, ‘she’s too skinny’, ‘is that fattening?’ yada, yada, yada…

But another, much more important topic that affects every aspect of everybody’s life – from their mental/emotional state to their energy levels, to their inability to lose lose fat – is how their foods affect their moods.

Your moods are governed by your emotions.
Your emotions are governed by your hormonal system.
Your hormonal system is how your entire body communicates with itself.

So, if you eat foods that negatively affect your hormonal system – WHICH HAPPENS OFTEN FOR MOST PEOPLE MOST OF THE TIME – then you will naturally have imbalances in all your body systems and this shows up in mood imbalances as well as body fat and the inability to lose fat.

Weight loss is governed by you hormonal system.
Only idiots, journalists (who know nothing about health, yet write about all the time) and people who are genuinely misinformed still believe the oversimplified concept that in order to lose weight you must eat less and exercise more.

However, the human being is way too dynamic and beautiful to be compressed into a simple mathematical equation.

Many people, women in particular, suffer unnecessarily from what I call ‘false moods’ – imbalanced perceptions, anxiety, depression, inability to focus and also endure cravings, addictions and insomnia –> issues that are correctable through nutritional therapy.

Hormonal imbalance –> which stems from nutritional deficiencies related to:
– Poor food choices
– Poor eating strategies
– Unmanaged stress
– Digestive dysfunction

Over the next few newsletters, I will share with you some of the most common
culprits that cause your ‘feel good’ hormones and neurotransmitters to become depleted which in turn make people crave junk foods and support addictive behaviors and cause weight problems and mood swings.

Not surprising if you follow my blog, many of these foods are what you see in the popular magazines, the USDA food pyramid and recommended by many so-called ‘experts’.

I will also cover which particular foods balance your biochemistry and positively affect your mood, ending cravings and restoring healthy mental/emotional states.

I will tell you which foods & strategies supply the necessary ingredients to improve your cardiovascular health, brain and nerve function, eye & vision health as well as your ability to stay lean and enjoy radiant skin and vitality.

By the way, I cover all these foods in my upcoming cookbook (which is done by the way) and should be launched in the next couple of weeks around my birthday!

So stay tuned…



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