How New York Women Stay Thin

I have specialized in women's fitness and fat loss in NYC for 15 years. I don't work with everyone who applies to work with me. The reason is that not everyone is ready for the work that is involved in getting awesome results...seriously, millions of people are big talkers or they are still looking for the 'quick fix' So I recently asked my most successful clients what worked best for them for staying lean and healthy. Here are some of their responses...(notice what NONE of them talk about). This is Francesca... Francesca originally was a client of mine for several years and also went through my Fitness & Nutrition Coach Development Program and is now a very successful woman's Fitness & Nutrition Coach. Here are her favorite tips for staying lean, healthy and fabulous... 1. Focus on thinking & making statements in line with what you want not what you don't want. i.e thinking/saying "I'm beautiful" or "I love the way my arms look" rather than "I'm fat". 2. Don't listen to what "everyone else" is doing. Learn what works for you which may mean changing your diet and exercise habits completely the other way. 3. Take it one day/one step at a time, keeping the big picture in mind. These 3 tips come from my own experience. I've never been more confident or happier about myself . This is Jaime, co-author of Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook...Jaime was on a raw food vegan diet which wreaked havoc on her body and mind.

She is a protein type, her body requires more fat and protein than other people…she lost 30 pounds and 3 dress sizes and got off all her meds simply eating more fat and protein and eliminating common food allergens…NO, I do not encourage everyone go out and eat more fat and protein….we are all unique. But here are a few tips that work really for her…and as you can see, she is lean, healthy and has tons of energy!

JLR West Side 2 How New York Women Stay Thin

I shred up super quick if I do these things daily:

1. No gluten or dairy
2. No eating after 8pm
3. Exercise for one hour 4-6 days per week – yoga, pilates, dance or Budokon
4. Get to bed by 10:30pm

Notice they didn’t say anything about ‘dieting’….I have some more client success stories that will inspire you and show you that we are all unique and that we all deserve an awesome life of happiness, confidence and a lean, healthy, sexy body ….it’s not that hard to do when you know a few simple truths.

So for those of you who just want to get ‘skinny’ or ‘lose weight’ – remember this…

You cannot lose weight to improve your must improve your health to lose weight.

Of course, you can be like the 98% of dieters that won’t listen to that tip and desperately go for the quick fix…if you focus on ‘weight loss’, you might miss out on an awesome life of health, vitality and
looking and feeling your best!

Stay tuned for more tips from my most successful clients




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