How NY Women Stay Thin part 3

So these posts have gotten pretty popular. I also got some of my guy friends and colleaugues from all over the states involved…so I’m going to change the title…stay tuned as I will be posting Top Three Tips for a Healthy and Inspired Life from real world fitness, wellness & nutrition experts over the next few days….

%name How NY Women Stay Thin part 3

Jessica is amazing…she is a reservoir of love & positive energy….we have worked together for years…she trained consistently through her pregnancies and has two awesome baby boys, the coolest & most supportive husband and a really funny dog named Charlie. Here are her top tips…

1.  Eat whole foods that suit your body.  The “if it wasn’t on the planet 10,000 years ago, don’t eat it” rule is so simple and so true.

2.  Train 5x week (unless too exhausted, then rest and relax). Combine functional training and pilates with sort bursts of intense cardio.

3.  Be curious. Seek out information and inspiration to stay motivated.

Steph G How NY Women Stay Thin part 3

Stephanie plays volleyball, tennis, rides bikes,skis, goes climbing and is a real world outdoor fitness rockstar…I love how she keeps it simple and here are her simple tips to an awesome life…

1) Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail – in terms of food preparation, this rule never fails.

2) Sleep and recovery are critical for success – sleeping undisturbed between 10 PM and 2 AM are key to energy, clarity, weight loss and digestion…then sleeping until 6:30 or 7 AM for full physical regeneration.

3) Water, water, water!!!

Got more great tips coming so stay tuned….and have an awesome weekend!



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  1. I need to eat carbs in the AM what do you suggest. WHat do you think of spouted bread? If I eat just eggs I am finding that it is not enough for me.

    Let me know!

  2. Also,

    1. Why use celetic sea salt what is the benefit?
    2. What is a great immune booster. I have picked up the flu twice over two weeks and I swear I got it at the gym!
    3. Do you think L- Glutamine is good after weight trainer to speed up recovery?

    Thanks, Ingrid

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