Killer At Large

If any of you are in the New York Metro area, check this out…

There is a movie premiere Friday evening at 6:30 pm for Killer At Large

It is a documentary about childhood obesity and it looks really good. I know the executive producer & and if anyone would like to meet me there, please get yourr tix now and shoot me an email. It is going to be fun…but the movie is also shocking.

They follow a 12 yr old girl who gets liposuction and …well, the ending is not a happy one.

Childhood obesity is a very serious issue for everyone in this country.

Today’s children will be the first generation of children in history to die before their parents!

It’s kind of odd that not too many people make a stink about the fact that diabetes and obesity are plaguing our children…the media has plenty to say about Brad, Angelina and Jennifer Aniston, but when our children are faced with an epidemic that is destroying them, not too many people have an opinion or do anything about it.

Please join me if you can

Fri 6:30 pm @ The Times Center Р$20 

They expect a
complete sellout so if you would like to join me, get tix

 Tickets at:

Hopefully see you there!




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