Massage Therapy

AV massage Massage Therapy

Performance Massage

This is a whole body session that includes targeted sports massage, specialized myofascial techniques, Active Recovery (mobility, stretching) and breathing exercises for neuromuscular regeneration. This session can be custom designed to support your strength & performance goals.

Performance Massage is ideal for athletes & performance artists. Goals: recover faster, restore energy.

Restorative Massage

This is a stress reducing, restorative massage that helps you reduce pain and let go of tension. There is no deep tissue work and the goal is ultimate relaxation & restoration.

Restorative Massage is ideal for people with high stress, chronic pain or those seeking ultimate relaxation and restoration.

DIY Massage (with Therapy Balls)

Learn how to use therapy balls (using the ball against the wall or floor) and simple rolling techniques that instantly relieve tension. Self-massage your shoulders, back and hips: release tension, reduce pain, recover faster and stay balanced.

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