Michelle Obama’s Arm Workout

Do you want strong, sexy & toned arms like Michelle Obama? I was recently interviewed by European TV about Michelle Obama's arms. I am going to share a few exercise tips that will help you get nice arms like Michelle Obama. Below is a link to the interview where I take my client through some of the many exercises that will help tone your arms...

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#1 Secret to Toned Arms – If you have flabby arms, a.k.a. ‘Bat Wings’- then you need to stop eating the way you have been because its your diet that’s making your arms fat. No exercise can erase poor food
choices or skipping meals. So my first secret to getting arms like Michelle Obama is to change your diet.

#2 Secret to Toned Arms – Train your entire body, not just the arms. Also, don’t waste your time with long drawn out cardio sessions. When you do your strength training, you absolutely must include total body pushing and pulling exercises like push ups and pull ups. Now, there are ways to modify these exercises for beginners and if you really want to see nice definition in your arms, and look and feel fabulous like the First Lady, first change your diet and then train like you mean it
– learn how to do push ups and pull ups.

Exercises to get Michelle Obama’s Arms

1 – Push Ups on Knees – These can be done on your knees so you can maintain PERFECT posture while performing the exercise.

2 – Push Ups on Feet – regular push ups should ONLY be performed once you have mastered at least 3 sets of 10 perfect push ups on your knees. Posture is key to getting results in push ups.Keep your abs drawn in and breathe throughout the entire movement. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR HEAD TO DROP DOWN TOWARDS THE FLOOR!!!!! This is a big and common mistake. keep your head directly over your neck and shoulders as it is when you are standing up straight.

You don’t need to do a lot of reps to get results, you only need to do as many reps as you can do perfectly. Whether that’s 2 or 8 doesn’t matter as how well you perform the movement.

3 – Chaturanga
Keeping your arms close to your sides like Chaturanga in yoga is IDEAL for developing nice triceps and shoulders and not developing your chest….this is a key exercises for developing a sexy and fit figure.
If you don’t know what I am talking about, go take a real yoga class.

4 – Cable Pull
You can stand facing a cable pulley and make sure the cable is shoulder height. Pull until your wrist is about the same level as your chest (Watch the interview where my client demonstrates proper cable pulling) . Keep your wrist straight and in line with your elbow and shoulder.

5 – Swiss Ball Exercises
including push ups on the ball, pike and jackknife. I can’t accurately explain these exercises in a blog post, but I will be launching a women’s fitness blog soon so stay tuned…In the meanwhile, do yourself
a favor and get Paul Chek’s book ‘How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy’ as it contains these awesome exercises.

6 – Keep your workouts 30 – 45 minutes total.

7 – Learn the right way to do interval training and do this 2 x week.

8 – If you really want to do cardio or you enjoy running, separate your strength and cardio days.

9 – Did I mention changing your diet and stop eating the things that gave you Bat Wings to begin with? Not sure what to eat? Get this now: Healthy Urban Kitchen



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