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In case you don’t me, here is a little bit of my history that will help you understand what this email is about…

I started training in the martial arts when I was 5 years old.
I lived in India and learned Yoga from real masters between the ages of 19 and 21.
When I came to NYC and developed my business, I created a holistic fitness, nutrition and lifestyle system that would help people not only get healthy and burn fat, but also reduce stress and achieve inner peace.
Yes, even in the middle of the concrete jungle, you can have a sense of inner peace and clarity.

I created four levels of fitness – from mind-body through high performance – and the one I find that offers some of the best benefits for busy New Yorkers is mind-body fitness.
I integrated various mind-body systems like Chi Gong and Yoga, into my own full body workout.

In fact, I teach a morning class several days a week along side the Hudson River down here in the West Village.

Mind-body exercise allows busy people, just like you, to take a moment and bring your attention inward instead of always thinking about everything outside and around you – it allows you to go inside and quiet the mind.

What are the benefits of mind body exercise and what does it have to do with fat loss???

Anytime you are challenged (stressed), you immediately go into a ‘Fight or Flight’ mode.
This is part of normal life – everyone’s life has both support and challenge.
The problem arises when you have non-stop stress from too many sources and your body cannot adapt.
Stress produces cortisol, stress hormone, that interferes with most metabolic processes, and helps you store fat and age prematurely.
Excess cortisol is involved with almost every disease known to man and especially involved in fat distribution and weight gain.

The more stress you encounter and don’t manage properly –> the more your body stores fat and the less your body will be able to burn fat, because managing stress is more of a priority for the human being than weight loss

The more stress, the less your body’s ability to tolerate aggressive exercise 9Like fat burning strength or interval training)
So, sometimes the best way to burn fat is to slow down and take it easy.
Allow your body to return to its natural state of balance and metabolic function.

For busy New Yorkers who face stress all day long and need some work-life balance, I teach a simple routine of mind-body exercises that focus on proper breathing patterns and quieting the mind that they can do in the morning or immediately after work.

Some of the benefits of mind-body fitness include:

• Reduce Stress and Manage Cortisol Levels
• Resilience to Everyday Stressors
• Dissolve Emotional Charges
• Balance Emotions
• Enhance Presence and Clarity
• Integrate Body, Mind and Spirit
• Reduce Muscle Tension and Anxiety
• Increase Focus and Sense of Purpose
• Improve Memory and Concentration
• Better Learning & Retention
• Increase Energy
• Improve Health & Wellness
• Reduce Insomnia
• Enhance your Ability to Enjoy Life
• Increased Self Esteem & Self Worth
• Improve Relationship with Self and Others
• Reduce Biological Aging

All of these benefits translate into looking and feeling better about yourself.
Mind Body Exercise will help you store less fat and improve your metabolic function and significantly improve your health.

There are many ways to learn and practice mind-body exercises.
The most obvious is Yoga and Chinese Exercise like Chi Gong.

Another simple way I suggest is to get Paul Chek’s book ‘How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy’ and practice the Energizing Exercises in Chapter 6.
If you live in New York City and want to join me for a morning mind-body workout along the Hudson River, please email me for info and come join us!

Peace Out



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