Mountain Bike Workouts in NYC

A few years ago I offered a very cool & totally unique outdoor workout called Mountain Bike Adventures. It was rated ‘Best Workout in NYC’ and not only did my clients, but I also loved it! It’s such a great way to workout outdoors instead of being cooped up in some gym or crowded health club. I just launched my Mountain Bike workouts again in the mornings in Central Park and along the Hudson River at sunset. ¬†For more details, check out the website and click on the link below….

MTB 1 Mountain Bike Workouts in NYC

Click HERE to check out the Mountain BIke Workouts website and sign up for class details. If you don’t have your own mountain bike, you can easily rent a bike & helmet and enjoy NYC like very few people get to. Burn fat & enjoy spectacular views along Hudson river during sunsets in the fall or get up early Saturday mornings and ride through Central Park. Go to for more details.Movie Rings (2017)



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