My Favorite Broccoli Recipe Made Fast & Easy

Here is a fast and east broccoli recipe that is ultra delicious, super easy to make, nutrient dense, makes enough for 2-3 meals and will help you improve your HEALTH, VITALITY and BURN FAT.... All ingredients are organic and both butter and cream are from grass fed cows..and NO, eating FAT does not make you FAT

Broccoli Souffle

3 large stalks broccoli, steamed and cut up into many small pieces 3/4 cup heavy cream 1/2 stick butter 1 tbs Celtic Sea Salt 1 tbs pepper 1 tbs garlic

Rinse and steam broccoli, including stems and heads

Place in blender and puree until smooth – may need to add a little water to get it going

If you do this right away after steaming, it should be warm enough when done…but if not, you can melt the butter in a pot while blending and place the puree in it to warm it up.

DO NOT cook this, but gently warm it up.

This quick, easy, creative and delicious way to get more veggies in came from culinary artist and co-author of the Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook Jaime Larose.

She whipped this up in just a few minutes. It makes enough for 2-3 meals so you can store whatever is left over in a glass or stainless steel container in the fridge and use it for the next 2-3 lunch or dinners to compliment your protein entree.



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  1. When does the cream go in???? Not very clear instructions my dear.

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