My Goals for this Year

If you missed tonight’s call, it was a good one. For some reason, there were WAY more people than I expected and only two people spoke up?   Whats up with that?!?!?

Anyway, check out some of my goals for this year and please post yours in the comments…..


read Lao Tzu’s ‘Tao Te Ching’

read ‘Bearing the Cross’ story of MLK

read ‘Critical Path’ by Bucky Fuller

read Carlos Castaneda

read Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra

further develop my chi gong practice

return to India

journey to Machu Pichu &  Amazon


surf Indonesia

surf Hawaii

snowboard New Zealand

wakeboard every time I visit family in Florida

traverse Himalyas

gain 10 lbs muscle

visit Cuba


grow a global busienss as nutrition, wellness expert

be an inspirational leader and set example for others

launch Fat Loss Psychology program

partner w a friend on internet busienss

launch internet TV show

international public speaker

publish book

become NYC’s leading holistic fitness & wellness business

launch my Kids program, teach and inspire kids all over the world


convert to Mac

read The Magic in Your Mind by U.S. Anderson

speak fluent Spanish

certified in Demartini Method

attend James Ray workshop in Hawaii

love self unconditionally

spend more time with family

read What is Biodynamics by Rudolf Steiner

laugh more often


Quadruple my income (at least)

develop multiple streams of revenue

grow savings

study the Book of Wealth


spend more time and do more things with family

spend more time w Eli and teach him martial arts

spend more time with Zane

take Eli & Zane to Camp Chatugga

spend more time with best friends Rafael, Raghunath, Agni, Rob G, MP

cook dinner for friends more often

These are some of my goals for 2009 – what are yours?

Feel free to comment and post your goals….



2 Comments on My Goals for this Year

  1. That’s one helluva list – you’re gonna need to use those stress busters in your next post huh? I’ve been telling people my resolution was to not smoke any crack. Jesus haha

  2. I live on the NH seacoast and am a 47 year old mom. My passion is to be a living breathing role model of holistic health, fitness, wellness to everyone. Last year, I achieved my dream of entering my first fitness competition in New York and did well. Here is part of my goal list.
    Create a health/fitness/wellness website geared toward girls,women, moms, babyboomers, be a public wellness speaker here in my hometown area helping teens, moms, and everone else learn the dangers of processed foods, drugs,lack of exercise, to empower a truly healthy generation of people, triple my income and switch from my cleaning business to my health/wellness business fulltime, break my own personal best from last year, learn chi gong and tae bo, be able to do 8 perfect one arm pushups, 10 perfect pull ups, full splits, read more on the power of the mind, get certified in nutrition and senior fitness, also in childrens fitness, publish my book for busy moms, be a blessing and an inspiration to everyone I meet,play my guitar well again so I can play for families, take impeccable care of my body, mind, and spirit. These are just some, I also have a mile long reading list.
    Love your website and your newsletter. Thank you.

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