New Year 2013 Resolutions

New Year 2013 Resolutions Because stupid fitness/diet trends come and go each year, and they almost always suck, I have pout together this short list with better ideas. In about 6 months, the vast majority of New Year dieters & gym goers will begin the downward spiral. You know how all these people are joining the gym/health clubs right now? Roughly 60% will dropout. 

Resolution: Weight loss____________________

Know Thyself: Be realistic in your expectations. Discover what you are committed to? Why is this important to you? How will you get it done? Who do you want to be this year? What are your personal strengths & weaknesses? Where do you need help? If you want to long-term results, the answers to these questions need to be clear.

Goal: Ask new questions. Change your attitude. Change your life.

Trends that will grow in 2013

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Resolution: Improve Health

Goal: Eat Carbs & Sugar

No, it’s not ‘poison’ or ‘crack.’

The cult of trendy dieting is one thing, but this universal fear of carbs & sugar is beyond stupid. It is unfounded and limiting carbs can derail your health. Low Carb Diets do work wonders for some, especially in the short term, but not for the reasons those dieters believe, and certainly not for everyone. Low carb dieting is an awful long-term strategy for women. When you avoid carbs & sugar, guess what you get in return? Cravings for carbs & sugar. Whodathunkit!

FACT: Avoiding junk food is smart but does not necessarily mean you are ‘low carb.’ Carbs & Sugar can help you manage stress, eliminate cravings, help break through plateaus, needed for sports performance, and can be used therapeutically to enhance health, fat loss, fertility…sounds crazy, right?

Sugar restrains stress.

Problems of Low Blood Sugar

When people diet they lower their calorie intake, which *can* help with fat loss; but go too low in calories which is common, this can also deplete your energy. Many-a-dieter & so-called ‘experts,’ authors, bloggers make a zealous effort to avoid carbs/sugar, yet end up hypoglycemic, metabolically stressed, and neurotic…and that’s just the prelude to a long depressing journey of low energy, low sex drive and low thyroid.

If you’ve been low carb/Paleo for a while and still have digestive, energy or hormonal issues, get this now: 12 Paleo Myths.

Trend: Low carb is trendy right now. Soon, (about 3-6 months) when energy levels & sex drive tank, and sugar cravings are strong, the trend will wane and people will drop out. They will unfortunately get blamed for being ‘weak’ or ’sugar addicts’.

Resolution: Improve Health

Goal: Eat More Fruit! Thumbs Up for Fructose!

Paleo Trends 2013: I’ve unfortunately been witness to some disturbing trends in Paleo: dietary extremism, orthorexia, sexism, racism and oversimplifying evolution and bizarrely enough, there’s anti-science religious fundamentalism. Paleo basically imploded into another trendy diet cult in 2012. Hopefully, an empowering trend this year *could* help the group mature, but it will take leadership and less cultism. And that ugly anti-social, anti-intellectual bigotry has got to go. Why do I think it should reform itself? Because evolutionary biology and anthropology still matter!

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Fitness Trends

Resolution: Get in shape.

Goal: Learn proper exercise instruction for your level & goals

Not everything trendy sucks.

Zumba, is trendy, but not full of as*holes. And people enjoy it.

Yoga was very trendy; it’s been on a slow decline. Yoga can be therapeutic for some and obsessive & disordered for others.

Personal Training is trendy (is it?), granted a good majority of trainers are highly unskilled and unqualified, but you *can* find quality instruction & support to transform your life.

See the difference? There’s good and bad in all of these, you really have to think critically and do some research to discover the best exercise in the world: The one you enjoy most and with the people that support you best.

However, the biggest fitness trends are usually the worst. Trendy Women’s fitness in the US like SoulCycle, Ballet Barre, Core Fusion, Skinny Bitch, Tracy Anderson and the cult of tiny trolls are worthy of every criticism they get – and there’s already PLENTY, because they’re awful.

Similar to low carb dogmatists, you lovely ladies aren’t getting results for the reasons you believe. And many of you aren’t getting results.

Biggest Loser-Type and Bootcamps are still trendy, and now they’re bringing children into the mix. The abuse-as-motivation and incentivized punishment are incongruent with ‘health’. And some of it is pure lunacy. These trainers are treating obese sedentary people like they are college football players. This kind of fitness is garbage, for the most part.

Read this to understand what’s wrong with Biggest Loser’s using ‘abuse’ to ‘improve’ health.

Crossfit Trends 2013: You guys are tough. I see you got corporate box on 5th Ave. That’s gangsta! We saw some repulsive marketing garbage along with incredibly stupid antics in the gym (too many videos to link). You guys need to keep yourselves in check, or others will check you. Similar to Paleo, there is *some* great potential here, but there are festering wounds & boils that everybody can see. And they are starting to drip all over the place.

Crossfit: Please stop trying so hard to be ‘elitists.’ Those videos everyone watches on Youtube: people arent laughing with you, they’re laughing at you. You guys have a lot of potential if the politics doesn’t suck you in. Crossfit’s greatest challenge in reversing last year’s downward trend will be if they learn & apply a fundamental concept in exercise science: BEGINNER’S WHO ARE OUT OF SHAPE SHOULD NOT BE OLYMPIC LIFTING.

Context Matters.

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Eugen Sandow – forged elite fitness in 19th Century

‘You said, Mr. Sandow, that you didn’t believe in the rough school of training which fed men on raw meat, etc.?’

No; a man should be denied nothing which he desires within certain limits. I never refuse myself anything—I take wine, beer, smoke, and take a turn all round as other men who make the most of life.’

Instead of proving to the world how elite you are, show the world how much you care: start a trend by with anti-bullying classes at a local schools. Let’s see a competition for reducing hunger and illiteracy in your neighborhood. Donate a class to foster home kids or abused women, because that would be bad ass.

Note – I have plenty of friends that do Crossfit and eat low carb or carb cycle. I am not saying *everyone* will have these problems, just a whole slew o’ people, especially women.

This is an interview with Crossfit Games champion and coach. It is probably the best video so far on Crossfit and exercise, it is respectful.

If you want a really good laugh, this is the funniest Crossfit video ever (with a great article):

Resolution: Dare to be yourself…that means, be different.

Goal: Be bold.

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Better Goals and Trends 2013: My hope for the new year is that personal responsibility, intellectualism and individuality become trendy instead of all the predictable fitness & diet rehash. It’s not that difficult either, it starts with you and me.

OK, that’s enough. Stay tuned for more Carbs & Sugar Goodness…and have a fantastic year!

Pro Tip: Learn the difference between internal inspiration and external motivation. One is trendy, the other required for success.

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“The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.” — Jim Rohn

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