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At Last! Welcome to the premiere issue of the Burn Sports Newsletter! It’s taken some time, but as you will see, it is well worth the wait! This newsletter will serve one simple purpose and that is to cut through the confusion and give you the right info. I will share (and occasionally review) books, dvd’s, websites, movies, recipes, restaurants, events, fitness tips and anything else that is essential in women’s health and nutrition so you can look, feel and function your best!

As this newsletter grows, I will add my own column, have guest articles, interviews and more hot links to cool articles! Feel free to email with any questions or suggestions to Enjoy!

Healthy Urban Living

Everything You need to Know to Feel Go(o)d
by Candace Pert, Ph. D., former Chief of Brain Biochemistry and the Clinical Neuroscience Branch of the NIH. Candace is currently Scientific Director of RAPID Pharmaceuticals where she is developing Peptide T, a therapeutic for treatment of HIV. She is featured in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? and Bill Moyer’s TV program Healing and the Mind. She is a former Research Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine and Section Chief at the National Institute of Mental Health.

This new book is Candace Pert’s response to the questions she’s been asked in her worldwide travels ever since the publication of her book ‘Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine’ and her appearance in the film What the Bleep Do We Know!?.

I first learned about Candace Pert a few years ago from my coach, Paul Chek, during a lecture titled Flatten Your Abs Forever! He explained how the right diet will balance your hormonal system which is the critical link to health and performance. Then I found out that my best friend Adam is her Massage Therapist. So I immediately read her book ‘Molecules of Emotion’ and was blown away! I saw her speak the other night and absolutely loved her. Candace is the cutting edge in science and she is often recognized as a champion of a modern, more dynamic undersatnding of our biochemistry which parallels what an emerging, powerful new paradigm in science Quantum Physics – is telling us. Candace Pert brings life to a new understanding of ourselves and blends it beautifully with classical neuroscience to give you just what the title promises.

Candace is absolutely wonderful and her important work has already changed the face of health and science as we knew it. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade and can whole-heartedly tell you that her new book Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d is exactly what people need, not more treadmills, fitness classes or magazines.

Real Food: What to Eat and Why,
As many of my clients already know, this book is one of the most important books on food and nutrition to come out in years! If you eat food, you need this book!

Nina Planck is a food writer, entrepreneur and the leading expert on farmers’ markets and local food. In New York City, Nina was Director of the famous Greenmarket, the largest network of farmers’ markets in the US.

This book brings to mainstream light many of the important ideas I teach my clients – that real, whole foods – not processed, industrialized foods, are the cornerstone of healthy, robust cultures. These same foods have sustained people for thousands of years and the main ingredient that is found in these foods can also be seen in people that eat this way. In contrast, this most critical ingredient is exactly what’s missing from the Standard American Diet and Lifestyle. Just what is this essential ingredient??? You can say something like freshness or enzymes or the basic raw ingredients needed for healthy brain and hormonal function, or you can call it as you’ll recognize it best –VITALITY.

Her website is full of interesting and insightful articles on health, nutrition, local food, shopping and cooking. There is a blog, links and some of the best articles you can find on the pros and cons of dairy products.

My favorite articles on her website are The Virtues of Raw Milk, Can The Poor Afford Real Food and Factory Farms and E. Coli which was published in The New York Times, in response to the e.coli spinach scare a few months ago.

I am super excited for her next release – Baby Food.

Here is an excerpt from Publisher’s Weekly on Real Food:
Nina Planck is a good, stylish writer and a dogged researcher who writes directly, forthrightly and with an edge. She isn’t afraid to make the occasional wisecrack (“No doubt, for some people, cracking open an egg is one chore too many”) while taking unpopular positions. Her chosen field—she is a champion of “real” (as opposed to industrialized) food—is one in which unpopular positions are easy to find. As Planck reveals, in her compellingly smart Real Food: What to Eat and Why, much of what we have learned about nutrition in the past generation or so is either misinformed or dead wrong, and almost all of the food invented in the last century, and especially since the Second World War, is worse than almost all of the food that we’ve been eating since we developed agriculture. This means, she says, that butter is better than margarine (so, for that matter, is lard); that whole eggs (especially those laid by hens who scratch around in the dirt) are better than egg whites, and that eggs in general are an integral part of a sound diet; that full-fat milk is preferable to skim, raw preferable to pasteurized, au naturel preferable to homogenized. She goes so far as to maintain—horror of horrors—that chopped liver mixed with real schmaltz and hard-boiled eggs is, in a very real way, a form of health food. Like those who’ve paved the way before her, she urges us to eat in a natural, old-fashioned way. But unlike many of them, and unlike her sometimes overbearing compatriots in the Slow Food movement, she is far from dogmatic, making her case casually, gently, persuasively.

Francesca’s Fitness Tip
Q – What is one important thing that people need to know about geting results?

A – What you do for those 23 hrs outside the gym are much more important than the 1 hour you spend working out.

The benefits from exercise come after the workout, so you can’t get the most from your workout if you’re not eating right, sleeping right and managing stress. One mistake I see often, is people try to compensate by going to gym and working really hard to ‘burn off’ the bad choices they made the night before. That never works. If they made the right choices in the first place, they would feel better about themselves and work less to get better results! It’s all about the choices you make on a regular basis!

If you change your diet and lifestyle a little, then you can actually workout less and be more efficient and effective because your body responds better.

In this column, I will healp you create a new workout using core exercises that you can add to your current routine to get more energy, lose fat, improve strength, posture and confidence.

To start off, we’ll focus on understaning the blueprint of successful workouts. First things first – we like to use the less is more approach. We have seen the best results from ourselves and our clients working out only 3 or 4 days per week. Your workouts should never last more than 60 minutes. It should start by stretching the short/tight muscles only and the warm up has to mimic the exercises you are planning on doing.
Woodchops, breathing squats and swiss ball exercises are great ideas for warm up.

Then your workout – in order for your workout to be efficient, you should know exactly which exercises to do. Therefore, your workout should be based on some type of assessment. If your trainer isn’t assessing, they are just guessing! Like most trainers, they are giving you random exercises that may not get you where you want to be. Talk to your trainer and if he/she does not know how to perform an assessment, then you should probably find someone who more qualified. You can search for a Chek Practitioner in your are or get Paul Chek’s book ‘How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy’ and learn how to do a simple assessment yourself.

Most everybody should be doing some type of ‘Real Life’ movement patterns such as pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, bending and some type of rotational movement. After the main workout, do your core and swiss ball work. Always finish your routine with a breathing exercise, usually done in the Horse Stance position.

Each month we’ll show you a new exercise and over the next few newsletters, you’ll be able to combine these new exercises into a brand new Fat Burning Circuit Routine. In the meantime, practice each month’s new exercise and add it to your current routine and have fun!

Secrets of Female Fat Loss

Homemade Ginger Tea
It’s easy to make and has been used for thousands of years for health and healing. It bolsters your immune sytem, improves digestion, relieves nausea and has anti-cancer properties. You can enjoy it hot or cold and make it as strong or as weak
as you like.

It’s really simple – get some ginger, preferably organic, from your local green market or health food store. Cut off a piece that’s larger than your thumb. Slice it up thinly and boil it. As soon as it boils for a moment, not even a minute, turn off the heat. Squeeze in an entire lemon and it’s done. To give it a kick, add a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper. If you are congested, this will do the trick. To make it sweet, add a small pinch of raw organic honey.

Warning – If you are sick, you want to stay away from all sugars, including honey. So yeah, that old wives tale about honey being good for you when your sick, is like most everything we have been led to belive about food and nurtition – it’s wack. If you get sick during the winter months, the first thing I suggest is STOP doing what it takes to get sick and start doing what you need to do to be HEALTHY! Re-examine your mindset – what are your thoughts on health and disease? If you notice people around you, those that believe in ‘cold and flu’ season are typically the people that disagree with what I’m saying here and are constanlty getting sick! Go figure. If you get sick during the winter months, your diet and lifestyle need a change.

Stay tuned for next month’s recipe – Coconut Avocado Soup! Woohoo!

For more information on how your thoughts and beliefs control your reality, check out The Secret.


Breathing for Stress Management and Fat Loss?
Do you have a high performance lifestyle and need strong energy levels all day long?

Learning how to breathe properly will not only increase your energy, but will also improve focus, relieves fatigue in minutes, reduce stress, enhance metabolism and fat burning and if done correctly, will help flatten your abs. You do it 20,000 times per day. Breathing correctly can improve your health and vitality dramatically. The question is, are you doing it effectively?

The FDA now approves breath-training as a recognized treatment for hypertension and over 1,000 additional studies show its effectiveness in relieving anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and more.

You only need to learn the proper technique and practice it for a week or two before it happens naturally:

Sit up tall in your chair and place one hand on your tummy and the other on your chest. Inhale through your nose and fill up your tummy first – 2/3 of your breath should go into your tummy (its actually your diaphragm thah pushes out) and the last 1/3 goes into the chest. You fill your core like a baloon fills up with air.

As you exhale through your nose, draw your belly-button in towards your spine and perform a kegel exercise. Pracitce this correct technique as often as you can – at your desk, in a cab or subway, at home, whenever and wherever untill it happens naturally. This exercise is best done at the end of your workout, as your last exercise: go to your hands and knees (Horse Stance) and practice this for 10-20 breaths. After a week or two, you will be breathing like this without any effort or without having to ‘think about it’ – it will happen automatically. Breathe deep and breathe slow. Notice how long it takes you to take a full breath and try to increase that over time. Pay close attention to how you feel and you may be suprised to experience everything you read in the first paragraph above!

Breathing Resources:

DVD of the Month

The Meatrix 2.5
Watch a colorful cast of cartoon characters uncover the horrors of modern industrialized farming methods and see why it’s so important to support local family farms and GO ORGANIC!

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