Planning Your Success

Getting results doesn’t happen by chance or by miracle – it happens with intelligent planning. This exercise includes the secret that
most ‘experts’ know nothing about – setting and achieving goals.
Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

If you don’t want to be one of the 98% of dieters who fail, then take the time to do this exercise – it will change your life.

1 – Start with a Vision

Your Vision is your mental image of the life you would love to live. Your Vision is much broader and more compelling than a goal. Your goals are easier to achieve when they are attached to a Vision that you created.

When you encounter challenges, which you will, your Vision will inspire you to keep going because it is more meaningful than a goal. You will have less distraction and will not allow obstacles to slow you down when you have a clear Vision. Your Vision involves all areas of life and you can start with 2-3 sentences in each area. Ask yourself, who would I love to be in each area:

a) Physical – health/fitness/material goods like clothing, car, house, etc
b) Personal – mental/emotional growth; what makes you unique?
c) Career – do you love what you do? what would you love to do?
d) Financial – how much would you love to earn, invest and spend?
e) Family – immediate or future family
f) Social – socializing, networking, contributing to society
g) Spiritual – your connection with god, the universe or others

2 – Set Specific Goals

List 2-3 SPECIFIC and REALISTIC goals you would love to achieve THIS MONTH ONLY. Don’t just say ‘lose weight’ or ‘I want to be happy’ – get crystal clear on what you would love to do with your body, health and fitness. Be creative and think outside the box – workout schedule, grocery shopping, fun & creative endeavors, energy levels, body fat, drop one dress size, lose inches, new wardrobe, weekend sports with your nephews, snowboarding or surfing lessons, hiring a coach, quality sleep, better focus and clarity, balanced emotions, etc…

3 – Attach Your Goals to Your Vision

Go through each part of your Vision and list 5-10 reasons how achieving this goal will enhance or benefit that part of your Vision. For example, if your goals is to lose 5 pounds of body fat, start with your favorite part – i.e. Spiritual – and list how being lean, healthy, stronger and 5 pounds lighter will enhance your ability:
to connect with, be more present and compassionate with others, love yourself & family better, less focused on body image and bloating and more focused on journaling, reading or spending time developing a spiritual practice or studying world religions. Whatever your definition of spiritual is – just list the benefits and your goals become much more inspiring than just ‘lose wei.ght’ or ‘join a gym.’

I am sure you are anxious to get the real deal on fat burning foods and exercise -but trust me, this first lesson is THE way to guaranteed results. The following 4 lessons are all about fat burning foods, how to individualize your eating, the best and worst exercise for fat loss and lifestyle factors that contribute to flatter abs and leaner bodies.

Talk soon

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