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  • More than 90% of women who exercise during pregnancy will continue to train
  • About 70% will get in better shape than they were before pregnancy

They typically handle labor & delivery well and feel better (mentally & physically) after delivery. (The photos on this page are some of my clients, not stock photography.)

For more than a decade I’ve specialized in pregnancy fitness, offering a safe and effective whole-body approach to fitness & wellness for mom and baby. Pregnancy fitness when done the right way positively affects pregnancy, labor, and outcome for mom and baby: improved fitness, energy, pain tolerance, appropriate weight gain, improved self-image, better sleep and less anxiety. Exercise during pregnancy is associated with fewer complaints during pregnancy, improved cardiovascular fitness, core strength and pelvic floor health – allowing you to tolerate the new demands/stressors of motherhood with greater ease.

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Pregnancy fitness training enhances mom’s energy and overall wellness, strengthens the whole body and prepares you for labor/delivery. With a focus on core strength, alignment & posture, moms will build resilience, reduce stress and adapt to the changes throughout each phase of pregnancy & post-partum!

Reduce your risk of diastasis (DRA), C-section, pelvic floor disorders, incontinence, hernia, prolapse and gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and preterm birth.

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Post-Natal Restorative Fitness (post-natal rehab) for moms with incontinence, diastasis, prolapse or recovering from surgery.

Some women may experience annoying or embarrassing issues like leaking or loss of sensation. Although most women ignore this, it’s not just ‘stretched out lady parts’, but mechanically weak or imbalanced muscles in need of some corrective pelvic floor and abdominal re-education work. It’s rather simple, actually, it’s just different than traditional abs, core or kegel work.

Some women experience physical injury or surgery during delivery – these issues benefit greatly from a corrective approach to restore structural integrity and strength of pelvic floor, abs and low back.

  • Rebuild pelvic floor stability, strengthen abs and glutes
  • Reconnect with your body
  • Integrates breathing and pelvic floor strength
  • This program is appropriate for some high-risk pregnancies (contingent on physician clearance)

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~ 66% women will get diastasis in pregnancy
~ 60% of these women will also have some type of pelvic floor dysfunction
~ 45% will have pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PRPGP) during pregnancy and 20 – 25 % in the early postpartum period
~ 47% exercising women have pelvic floor disorders
~ 50% will have low back and pelvic girdle pain
~ 55% women have incontinence, two-thirds of female gymnasts and 28% of female college athletes and about 85% of pregnant women
~ 25% of yoga and pilates instructors have incontinence

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