Setting vs. Achieving Goals for ’09

I will be hosting a Masterclass on Setting & Achieving Your Fat Loss Goals for an awesome 2009! This is part of my Fat Loss Psychology Program that has helped thousands of people stick to their goals and get AWESOME results and!

This is a free Masterclass I am offering one time only and it will change your life. In case you didn’t know already…

New Years Resolutions DO NOT work

98% of dieters fail

Nothing magical happens on hew Year’s Eve that will change your life – this is a myth that ends in disappointment for millions of people

The TRUTH about achieving ANY goal is that it must be set in the right way. Most people do not set goals. The few that do set goals, do not do it properly. This is why very few people are actually health, wealthy and happy in this world.

Discover the right way to set and achieve your fat loss & health goals

Learn the secret to staying consistent & motivated and never ‘fall off the wagon’ again

If you are serious about losing weight and NEVER dieting again….be on this live call.

Thursday Jan 1 2009 @ 9 PM EST

Dial – 712- 432-1620

Enter Access Code – 148443#

You will need paper and a pen and must NOT be distracted. Put the kids to sleep Рtake the dog for a walk  Рturn off the TV Рsilence other phones and get ready to work.

There are limited lines available for this Masterclass so make sure you call in 5 minutes early – thousands of people read my newsletter and blog and right now there are only about 100 lines left –¬† this call will be full so call in early to guarantee your spot!

Talk soon




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