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  1. What’s the life expectancy of ground grass fed beef in your refrigerator from time of purchase? THX

  2. I would like a hard copy of your e-book. Is this available?

  3. Nicole – if you get the beef from US Wellness meats, they send it in those vac lock packs, then steaks will keep for several weeks in the vac packages. Simply more aging.

    Burgers will taste best used up in a week.

    It will go longer but taste will start going south after a week.

    If its from the store and fresh, tehn, the asme 1- 2 days in fridge.

    Kate – the book is a downloadable ebook…this way, you can easily print the specific pages you want AND you get 6 months of recipe updates..

    I found it much easier to manage this way…

    let me know if you have any other questions

  4. An older woman once told me that chia seeds will ‘energize’ your man. So many benefits!

  5. Ha!! love it!!

    Wait till you see the chia pudding I made…will post it later this week


  6. Hey Antonio,

    Is there a website quiz out there that tells us what type we are (protein etc)?


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  8. Andrea

    email me and I will send you a questionaire that will give you an idea….


    also please email me so we can discuss

    thanks for checkin out my blog!!


  9. Hi Antonio – like Andrea, I’m interested in finding out what type I am. I sent you an email yesterday in hopes of receiving the questionaire you mentioned above. Thanks much!


  10. I can not say thank you enough this video helped me better understand what is good to shop for when I can’t get gress feed or organic. I just love your e-mails keep them coming.

  11. I just found out at the beginning of the year, that God said, according to Genesis 1, verse 27 that we as humans were given every plant AND every ANIMAL to use as we needed. So no, you are not going to hell for eating meat.

    Thanks for the advice on the skin on grass fed, did not know that. Keep up the good work.

  12. Eating the proper, healthy foods is a natural way to help prevent premature aging of the skin in men and women. Fruits and vegetables are important not only for your skin but for overall health as they provide many of the necessary minerals and vitamins. Children, from an early age, should learn the importance of fruit and vegetables so it becomes a life long habit. Be sure to drink from eight to ten glasses of water daily because this slows down aging of the skin by keeping you hydrated internally.

  13. Great info here , i am looking forward for your other posts , must digg this ,Luv it

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