Sugar Addiction (part 4)

Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction – being extreme is a lot easier than admitting that you might have an eating disorder.  Many people who purport ‘sugar addiction’ have several of these things in common:

  1. They are really, really passionate.
  2. They evangelize and/or sell a low carb hi fat diet (LCHF).
  3. They might have some type of eating disorder and are vehemently in denial.
  4. If they have done ‘research’, they mention one rat study.

DrEvil Research Sugar Addiction (part 4)

If you want to understand sugar addiction, you’ll need a willingness to be wrong and a sense of humor. Not just to laugh at yourself, but to balance out the absurdity of misinformation on the topic. You know what that aspect of health is called? Balance.

‘Sugar Addiction’ didn’t exist until the last year or two despite the fact that humans have been eating it for two million years. Apparently Americans need something to hate, fear and to blame – so, sugar it is! If you blame sugar, you’ll never have to confront the truth that it might be you that has a problem (which have solutions, by the way). Sugar is a food that every organ in your body runs on. Sugar is not the problem here:

Sugar Hyman addiction Sugar Addiction (part 4)   Sugar Fed Up Image Sugar Addiction (part 4)

Sugar Addiction is our nutritional Satanic panic. Each month there are new documentaries, articles and increasing levels of outrageous fear of food. This results in mass confusion on carbs, sugar, eating disorders and makes a mockery of addiction. No, people aren’t using the term facetiously.

So what to do? Learn more, laugh more. Shit. If you laugh you’re going to light up the pleasure centers in your brain and apparently that’s DANGEROUS. This John Oliver video is easily the best explanation of ‘sugar addiction’ in mainstream media today.

This exaggerated fear of sugar is not just unreasonable, it diverts the discussion away from real solutions.

Watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sugar (HBO):

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