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Haiti relief earthquake athletes support Haiti ... BP may have stolen the show for now, but Haiti still needs our support. Most of you already know that I’m involved in The Athletic Domination Expo, which is a fundraiser for Haiti. I did the section on “Advanced Sports Nutrition” and it was a blast! We’ve been raising a TON of money so far. I sat down with the man behind the scenes who is running this whole event, Taylor Allan, to talk about training for athletes and everything involved in this kick-ass cause.

I’ve coached Taylor in performance nutrition, I’ve also witnessed him progressively improve in strength & conditioning, dominate his sport and develop excellence in his personal & professional pursuits. Taylor demonstrates a truly healthy, high performance athlete lifestyle WITHOUT drugs, sports supplements or protein powders …

ADEPackage Support Haiti and Dominate Your Sport

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Antonio: You’re working really hard to raise money for Haiti. It’s an awesome thing you’ve put together. What motivated you to hold this event?

Taylor: Well I knew a while back that I wanted to create an event that would help athletes all over the world. There is just so much misinformation around training for athletes and I knew that if I could get all the top experts together we could cut through some of the B.S.

Then, obviously earlier this year Haiti had the earthquake disaster. I’m not a saint or anything, but I’m pretty sensitive to that stuff just like the next person. When I see the video clips of entire houses collapsed and people bloody and homeless on the street and things like that, it bothers me a lot and I feel guilty not doing anything to help these people.

So it really was perfect timing. I decided to create an event that would raise as much money as possible for Haiti, and at the same time give athletes the information they need to be successful.

It’s worked out really, really well.

Antonio: So what’s this event all about? What will people receive when they register? How does it raise money for Haiti?

Taylor: Good questions. We’ve basically set up 13 coaching calls with the most bad-ass sports training guys online, including yourself, and we are giving everyone access to the entire event free of charge. They can go to the website at and register to listen to all the coaching calls for free.

The way we raise money is by giving away a package of 5 products for free in exchange for a $20 donation to our Haiti relief fund. So we give a ton of value to people for free, and we just ask that they donate $20 in return.

I think that’s why we’ve been so successful, because it’s such a great offer and a great deal for everyone involved.

Obviously this is not-for-profit so we don’t make any money out of it, but everyone benefits from it overall.

Antonio: Awesome. I love it. So what is in this package you mentioned?

Taylor: Oh right, sorry. So we’ve got 5 products in here. We made them all pretty exclusive to AthleticDominationExpo members, things that we usually only give to the athletes we work with privately.

I’ve given two of my own products. The first is The FREAK Athlete Formula, which is a complete A to Z blueprint of what I do when I develop athletes. It’s pretty advanced but I’m really proud of it and my athletes love it.

I am also giving out my High Powered Nutrition Manual, which I’m really excited about because nutrition is my biggest passion. It’s also the area where I feel most athletes screw up the most. This is a VERY thorough step-by-step manual for athletes. You will be able to fine-tune everything you eat to the point where you are eating meals that are PERFECT for your own individual body.

Really really valuable stuff.

There are 3 other products as well from some of the coaches involved, but I’ll let those speak for themselves because I didn’t create them. I posted them all over at for you guys to take a look at and see if it’s something you’re interested in.

Antonio: Good stuff. Everyone go ahead and check that out for sure. Let’s wrap this up with your #1 piece of advice for athletes – what advice would you give to athletes who want to dominate their sport this season or next season?

Taylor: That’s a tough question. There are a lot of things that athletes really need to understand because it’s so easy to mess up the training process, as you’ve probably seen. But it’s also easy to get it right if you follow the right formula.

I’d say my number one piece of advice is to choose who you learn from. Don’t go taking advice from everybody, especially with the way the Internet is nowadays. Seek out the best and learn from them, and kick everyone else to the curb because there is just too much information and too much B.S. out there.

I feel like that’s what we’ve done with the Expo, and that’s been the goal the whole time: to create a great resource that athletes can trust without worrying who the information is from.

Aside from that, all the usual things still stand true: Get stronger with compound lifts in the weightroom, eat well, sleep tons, sprint, jump and play your sport. Don’t over-think it, but don’t under-think it either.

Antonio: Agreed. Well I want to thank you for this, Taylor, it’s awesome you’ve put this together and I know that my readers will really love this cause.

Taylor: Thanks man. Your coaching call was awesome too, by the way. I’ve gotten a ton of comments and my athletes love it.

To listen to my coaching call with Taylor, head over to and register right away before it closes down.



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