The Most Overlooked Solution for Health

Last Friday, my friends’ 8 year old niece went missing from her home in Tracy, Northern California. I put her photo and info on the previous post. Please take a look and send it to anyone you know on the west coast. The more people see her photo, the better the chances of this little angel being returned home safely. When this type of thing happens to someone you know, it really changes your life. No doubt, it's sad when you see it on TV, but when its this close to home, it hits you really hard and makes you reevaluate your priorities. But I am not the type to sit on my ass and cry. I took action, I have been posting the report on Facebook and Twitter and on my blog. This experience has also brought up three of the most important lessons I can offer you in health, fitness and wellness. And no, these aren't 'fat loss' or interval training tips....these lessons will change you life if you pay attention…they are simple yet powerful and often overlooked.

The most powerful lesson and solution for improving your health has
little to do with how many calories or how you cycle your carbs or
whether or not you drink raw milk…The most powerful solution to your
health is right in front of you…and right inside of you.

This experience has brought to the forefront of my mind one of the most powerful lessons that has changed my life…it is easy to forget, but critical to remember.


Wikipedia defines gratitude as ‘appreciation, or thankfulness is a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.’

Remember when your grandparents use to say things like ‘Count Your Blessings’?

I have learned that this is one of the most important components of true health. Wherever you are in life and whatever is going on, count your blessings every day and your life will change. You never know when you might lose something so precious to you, whether its a loved one or your health or even your ability to walk. Now you shouldn’t live in fear of losing something, you can easily open your heart and be grateful for whatever is happening in your life. If your stressed or having difficulty right now – simply do the mental exercise and find the hidden blessings.

Please be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life – especially the people and children who bring you joy and inspiration.

Living with gratitude opens your heart and keeps your mind balanced and in perspective. It makes life much more enjoyable. When your ungrateful and resentful, you will be more stressed and pumping out cortisol more often than normal. Cortisol makes you fat, age prematurely and is associated with practically every disease known to man. Gratitude opens your heart and frees your mind.


One major mistake I see every day is the answer I get when I ask people what their goals are. I usually get a long laundry list of things they DON’T want. I have to interrupt people all the time and remind them of my questions which was ‘What DO you want?

Focus on what you want and NOT what you don’t want. This pertains to little Sandra, please focus and pray for her SAFE RETURN and don’t focus on what we don’t want. The same goes for our health, wealth, relationships and fitness. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.


Whenever something serious like this happens it helps put your life into PERSPECTIVE and realize what your true values are.

I meet people every day in NYC and I can tell you the vast majority of people are living in a fantasy land or lying to themselves about how unhealthy and miserable they really are. Many people are looking for some ‘fat loss secret’ (that doesn’t exist) to whisk them away from their stomach aches, bloated tummy, gassy, low back achy, muffin top and poor self image, low self esteem, anxiety and depression which all comes from LOUSY DIET or not managing your mind.

All these issues stem from not taking responsibility for your life.

I get nasty emails from people who bought my Healthy Urban Kitchen saying it didn’t meet their expectations because there was no magical secret that no one else is talking about.

Truth is, there are many things I teach that very few ‘experts’ talk about, but because its basic stuff that most are overlooking, it doesn’t meet their fantasy expectations and they feel let down. They then continue on in their search for a miracle cure, magic acai berry cleanse, new trendy diet or some hidden secret that Oprah or Rachel Ray or other unhealthy celebrity surely must have….

Please understand this basic fact: Being healthy and losing weight boils down to ONE thing:

taking responsibility for your life.

There are NO secrets or shortcuts, no diets or pills that will do anything for you except drain your pocketbooks and bank accounts.

Getting healthy, losing fat and living an awesome life boils down to taking complete responsibility for your life. If your still lying to yourself about your addictions, or searching for something that will rescue you from irresponsible diet & lifestyle, or going to Barnes and Nobles hoping to find something new…you are in for a long journey that ends in disappointment and a lousy life of being overweight, unhappy, depressed and yes, eventually diseased.

I will be blogging about some of the biggest mistakes I have ever seen and their simple solutions. I can tell you right now, I have been doing this work for 15 years. The next few blog posts will be my most important lessons ever.

Please take a look at the photos of this little angel Sandra Cantu, pray and focus on her safely returning home and pass it on.

Thank you for reading




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  1. Antonio, I am sorry to hear about your friend’s niece…I will keep her and the family in my thoughts.

    As to the rest your message…spot on! Responsibility is a big one that keeps people from feeling like a victim. Don’t blame your genes, don’t blame your parents, don’t blame anything else…take responsibility for where you are in life.

    Scott Kustes
    Life Spotlight

  2. Heather Castronova // April 2, 2009 at 8:22 AM // Reply

    Hey Antonio…
    Inspiring blog.. So true..
    The biggest challenge to any sort of goal is being accountable.
    Sitting down with yourself and realizing your current situation
    is your OWN. Be truly real with yourself about how you got “here”
    and focus on getting where You want to be..
    Personal responsibility doesn’t have to be a drag or misery..
    It can be very empowering.
    Consistency is the main challenge for most.. We all get motivated and start whatever goal but kind of stumble and trip a little bit after 2 weeks. .then fall back into the same old routine..
    It happens all the time.. the trick is to get PAST that…
    Sometimes the task/goal might feel overwhelming or daunting but
    you cannot focus on the negative.. You have to focus on the “potentials”. I have to retrain myself to keep focused on how much better my health will be by incorporating new healthy habits.. changing my food choices to the best for myself and son..
    We all expect some fireworks to go off to show us the changes are working but in reality.. getting back in touch with small signs from your body.. that’s the key to success.. I can FEEL that I am more alert, less stressed, sleep better when I have changed to eating organic and working with the info in your e-book….
    Every person is different one “diet” or lifestyle does NOT fit all.. I feel the e-book is good because it gives you simple principles to apply to your personal situation..but this might turn off ppl that expect not to get involved or do anything and expect the same results!! That’s unrealistic..
    It’s breaking old, useless bad habits and replacing them with
    healthy choices that brings us abundance..
    I’m working on it!! Thanks for heading me in the right direction..
    Praying for Sandra..
    Much Love and Peace,

  3. Will Ambrose // April 2, 2009 at 8:29 AM // Reply

    Antonio, my prayers are with you. Entertain no doubt that she is well and safe and will be returned to your family alive and undamaged. This mindset has produced the miraculous in my life over and over.

    In deepest regret for your family crisis, Will Ambrose

  4. Agree completely! If you believe in magic weight loss secrets, you might as well believe in the tooth fairy. Gratitude is a biggie – but responsibility is next!I lost 24 lb in 20 weeks and will keep going, and for the first time in 48 years it’s easy. The deciding mental breakthrough: I realized that I am responsible for my OWN happiness -but NOT for my partners’! Important especially for us overachiever women: take care of yourself first, YOU are responsible to keep your soul and your body sound – only then will you have what it takes to help others. But changing your life style takes time and energy!Ditch some of you other ‘responsibilities’ if it’s all too much. The only ones that really need to come first are kids – then you!

  5. I am praying for this little angel to return home safe and well. Even though far away my heart goes out to her family at this worrying time. Keep her safe Lord.

  6. Dear Antonio, I am so sorry to hear about your friends daughter.I am sending prayers and unconditional love. I have heard of a great physic she is in Australia that perhaps they may want to contact.

    I just had a big literary agent blew me off saying that my book proposal has no “ground breaking information”. I told her so then with all the body image books that are out there why is the problem in many cases getting worse. This is not about a gimmick my process/ book is about reconnecting to ourselves and truly loving who we are as they true key to happiness and the wellbeing that self love and Bodylove can inspire. Keep going! I think your book rocks and your passion is unstoppable. Thank you for all the great work that you are doing!

    Blessings& Much Bodylove, Ing

  7. Thanks for posting this about Sandra. I live in the Bay Area and have been following this story and pray that this beautiful little girl will be found soon. My heart goes out to the family and friends.
    Please everyone, keep her in your prayers.


  8. Please find her safe and well – and soon. I love your letters. I am at my goal weight just from eating sensibly – no gimmicks, no shakes, just good food, a little at a time and GOLF, GOLF, GOLF. The women I play with say to me. “You are so lucky to be so slim, I wish I could lose some weight” Then after the game they tuck into a huge hamburger and chips with a couple of wine chasers, or a plate of fried seafood and chips!!! Until they become true to themselves and take responsibility for their own body they may as well stop feeling guilty and stay fat. All I say to them is that It is NOT LUCK that makes me like this it is a pleasant commitment. I am grateful that I have found this way of eating, I am focused on it and am resposible for myself. I beat them at golf too for the same reasons. After having typed this I realise how happy I am with life and I have you to thank for a lot of it, the rest is up to MEand I enjoy the responsibility.

  9. Hi Antonio,

    My prayers are with your friend’s family in the hopes that thir daughter is found soon.

    Before anything positive in your life happens one must assume responsibility for all actions..never take for anything for granted, when you do you have the rug pulled out from under you. Focusing on your goals will greatly help you in achieving them.

    Let’s all keep the faith for Sandra.

  10. Thank you for not enabling people to believe that there is a magic answer for optimal health and happiness! Our media has socialized the collective unconscious enough with adds projecting easy fixes and magic solutions! You’re not a man of sugar coating…LITERALLY!! It is a service to people to empower them with the idea of choice…the choice to take action and responsibility. After all, this life journey is not intended to be a passive one! At least I never gained much insight without a little sweat, thought, and effort. It’s refreshing to soak in the light of your truth and wisdom :)
    Peace out,

  11. Hi Antonio, all my fingers an toes are crossed for sandra’s safe and speedy return!
    your generosity is amazing, even at such a time in your life you always seem to draw a positive out to help others learn and better themselves. you are a true inspiration, thank you!

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