The New ‘Smart Choice’ Program…yeah right

plan for global food supply 600 The New Smart Choice Program...yeah right

In an effort to confuse consumers while preserving the poor health of the American people and massive profits of mega-food corporations, some of the nation’s largest food and beverage companies have agreed to create a new label: ‘Smart Choices Program’

It’s a brilliant way to fool already sick and overweight people into thinking that a select few ‘Smart Choices’ labeled, highly processed junk foods are better than the rest of their own unlabeled, highly processed junk foods.

Great- another ground breaking, earth shattering American ‘nutrition’ program designed to make you think that junk foods develop by mega-food manufacturers are going to help us get healthy!

Does anybody actually buy into this?

Do not be fooled. The people running these companies would actually have to be healthy themselves and be concerned about the health of consumers to create foods that were actually healthy – that’s a bit of a stretch for any major American food manufacturer.

The companies include Coca Cola, Con Agra, General Mills, Kraft, Pepsi and Wal Mart among other junk food giants – you know, the same companies that produce the very products that are loaded with sugars, synthetic, damaging & addictive ingredients which are the primary reason America is so fat and sick.

I have a better plan. How about sticking to foods that are grown on the planet and dont need a label or scientifically engineered ingredients that improve shelf life or have ingredients that are well known by many real experts to be poisonous to human beings.

Want to get healthy? Stick to whole foods, not processed foods with meaningless labels.

DO you trust the food manufacturers to tell you whats healthy? I wouldnt. Find real experts who work with real people if youwant to know aht really works. If you want health and fat loss — choose real, whole foods that are grown by real farmers in your region and get organic as often as possible.

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