Tons of Drugs Taint U.S. Drinking Water…Plus Some Cool Water Tips

Ok this is a good one…Here is some shocking news reported from the Associated Press as well as some cool tips on how to get healthy with water. U.S. manufacturers, including major drug makers, have released at least 271 million pounds of pharmaceuticals into waterways – including our drinking water supply. And not surprising at all - this legal contamination is consistently overlooked by the federal government, according to an investigation by the Associated Press’. The data doesn't show precisely how much of this 271 million pounds comes from drug makers vs. other manufacturers (pharmaceuticals are used for things other than drugs). AP considers these figures a ‘massive undercount’ because of the limited federal government tracking.

Some researchers say the lack of required testing amounts to a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy about whether drug makers are contributing to water pollution.

AP found 92% of these dugs are toxic and ubiquitous in the environment.

22 compounds that don’t belong in our water from industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals, also includes 8 million pounds of skin bleaching cream, 3 million pounds of nicotine compounds (used in quit-smoking patches), 10,000 pounds of the antibiotics, and treatments for head lice and worms.

Most cities and water providers still do not test.

Did you see my previous post on contaminate drinking water in major US cities???

Click to read >>>> Drugs in Your Drinking Water

That report includes some cities that have more than 50 pharmaceuticals in their drinking water!!!

Pharmaceuticals also leach out of the landfills where they are dumped. Pharmaceuticals released onto land include the chemo therapy drugs, epilepsy medicine and sedatives. 572 million pounds of the 22 monitored drugs have been buried in our landfills since 1988.

Several big drug makers were asked this simple question: Have you tested wastewater from your plants to find out whether any active pharmaceuticals are escaping, and if so what have you found?

No drug maker answered directly.

The most predictable part of this report is Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America denying any irresponsibility and assuring us that they comply with all environmental laws.

On a similarly humdrum note, the FDA claims that they are not responsible for what comes out on the waste end of drug factories.

No, of course not. Consumers are to blame for flushing drugs down the toilet.

This is nuts…or is it funny?

It reminds me of the time during the 1970’s that a baby alligator was flushed down the toilet into the sewers of NYC…and you all remember what happened next don’t you?!?!?!? The streets were terrorized by giant….wait a second, that was a fantasy.

At what point do American wake up from the fantasy world that’s being pulled over our eyes, take a stand and say enough is enough???

Is it that particular generation that doesn’t get it?????

Or is it the industries themselves are run by callous old men  that don’t care about our health and the planet?

Is it a political agenda designed to make money at the expense of our health?
Do we have to wait until after another major institution fails us???

Or should we wait until millions of our children start getting sick with diseases that didn’t exist 10 years ago before we take a stand??  Wait, that’s already happening…

Do you have an opinion?????

Mega pharmaceutical and food manufacturers as well as industrialized agriculture are polluting our bodies and our planet faster than the YouTube video about Miss California’s comments on ‘opposite sex marriage’

By the way, the vast majority of drugs are completely unnecessary if you take full responsibility for your health. Yes, that’s true.

Now don’t go off on a tangent and fantasize about what you didn’t hear me say.

I didn’t say drugs are not necessary.

I said, most of them are not necessary when you are healthy. When you are truly healthy…not the pop version of healthy (eating soy milk, rice cakes and doing cardio), but truly healthy and vital…and you avoid the things that cause disease (yes, we know what causes disease) and do the things that create health and vitality (we also know this as well), then guess what you can expect?

It is not the mystery as mainstream media or pharmaceutical industries would have you believe.

Attack of the Killer Plastic Bottles

It has become really trendy in recent years to vilify bottled water as a source of waste, instant gratification that brings environmental destruction, even a symbol of status and vanity that’s forcing poor people to starve, while us rich obnoxious Americans are kicking back enjoying imported waters.

What? I drink bottle water because there is literally tons of garbage, chemicals and drugs in our drinking water!

I drink and encourage bottled water. Expensive European brands at that. (They are generally cleaner and spend less time in bottles.) Not because I am vain, but because I don’t want to be a sick American.  I also encourage water filtration systems and home delivery systems as well, Mountain Valley Spring brand is a great product.

I also encourage responsible management of our natural resources (esp beaches & oceans) and have been cleaning up beaches and recycling since the 80’s. Since the government doesn’t do a good job at it, I have been doing my best.

No, responsible use of natural resources and taking responsibility for our health will not destroy our planet. We are not here to sit in caves and meditate all day and not use any fossil fuels.

Corporate irresponsibility does, however, degrade the quality of our water, soil, food and air. And the US government is supposed to govern that. Great job guys!

We are here to create…to produce whatever it is we decide to…and live our dreams….and if I want to drink clean water form a bottle that’s been imported from Europe so I can do that, guess what? You bet I am, especially if it means I can live my dream, improve my health and teach other people how to improve the quality of their lives and the life of this planet.

Americans Drink More Soda than Water

Oh yeah, Dasani and Aquafina, produced by Coke and Pepsi, are not on my list of bottled waters. In fact, nothing they will ever produce will be on my list and I encourage everyone to eliminate any product from these addictive crap producing corporations as well.

You can get glass bottles of Evian and a few other brands if you look…you can get water filtration systems…you can also get those big water bottles delivered to your home or office…and at the rate that we are going, someone may very soon invent a filtration system that is portable, highly effective and protective against the massive amounts of drugs, chemicals and pollutants the US government and the mega food and pharmaceutical industries are dumping into our water and soil.

Water Tips to Make You Healthy, Unlike Federal Guidelines Designed to Make You Sick

Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day. For example, if you weight 130 lbs, then you need half of that in ounces: 65 oz per day.

Spread your water intake throughout the day.

Most everyone I have ever worked with is chronically dehydrated.

Room temp water is best.

Drink water immediately upon rising (well, maybe brush your teeth first).

Don’t drink while eating.

Wait at least an hour after eating before you start drinking again.

Finish your required water intake by 6 or 7 pm so you don’t have to go pottie in the middle of the night. Getting up from your deep sleep disturbs your 24 hr recovery/regeneration cycle and triggers a ‘fight or flight’ mode the next day when your in sleep deprivation. That’s a double whammy!

Add a tiny pinch of Celtic Sea Salt to your bottle if your drinking a regular water like Poland Spring…’tiny’ means you shouldn’t taste it.

If you eat water dense fruits like oranges, papaya, etc…you can get by with less that your required amount.

Coffee (caffeine) dehydrates you regardless of what any idiot ‘expert’ has said. Even chocolate will dehydrate you if you eat enough and don’t drink enough water throughout the day.

If you are urinating a lot since you started drinking more water, that means your body is stressed. Its in a ‘fight or flight’ mode. That means you need to get to bed on time, manage your stress better and stop drinking alcohol, caffeine, soda, juice and drink nothing but clean water.

Don’t be a fanatic! If you are at work or traveling and there is only a water fountain, then don’t sweat it. Simply make sure that you are doing everything else in your power to be healthy and take full responsibility of what you can in your life.

And if you think you can trust the US government to tell you how to be healthy or how to prevent disease…then you clearly have been drinking too much tap water for far too long and the drugs are starting to work.

Coming up in my next post….the most absurd ‘fitness & health’ things you can do that are really popular, really unhealthy and instantly turn you into a health & fitness sucker!

Its quite easy to find these things, btw, but if you have a book, TV show, website or otherwise idiotic fitness product you want me to review….please leave your comments below!

Peace and have a great week!




4 Comments on Tons of Drugs Taint U.S. Drinking Water…Plus Some Cool Water Tips

  1. Great Post! I take my water drinking very seriously because it is so essential to our health. When you mentioned that most people you work with are chronically dehydrated that is what I have noticed to just amongst my friends and family. People do not drink water anymore. Its only coffee, pop, juice, and a little milk. Water has lost its place, which is sad because it is the king of all health foods/beverages.

  2. Awesome post,

    Any tips on reducing cost for bottled water (college student!)it can be kinda tough to buy that Fiji water so most of us opt for Crystal Geyser or Ozarka


  3. hey student
    as I always say, just do your best.
    if you can only get those then do it, but make sure you do everything else in your power to be healthy
    take probiotics and dont pollute your body otherwise
    make sure you exercise and sweat daily and follow all theother guidelines you see here and you will be fine

  4. How do you feel about using tap water that is not flourinated to steam veggies with?

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