Top 10 Food Allergies part 2

Ok, so there are more than 10 on this list so I will post shorter blogs and
give you great info so you can LEARN and see if you have any problems
with any of these foods.

Also, everything on the list is not
really a food, but, the point is this: there are foods that trigger
serious health issues in many people and these may be ‘hidden’ sources
of stress or weight gain.

If you have been working out and
‘eating right’ (whatever that means) and you’re still not getting
results, simply use a food journal and see what’s going on after you
eat and this will clue you in to possible problematic or allergenic

What’s next on the list?

similar to alcohol, there are a lot of false teachings in the media
about this stimulant. Caffeine is a stimulant that disrupts your
metabolism and triggers your ‘fight or flight’ (which is an emergency
response system, not a daily lifestyle system) into FULL EFFECT.

I have never seen anyone in NYC who drinks coffee that isn’t
experiencing some type of negative consequence of drinking coffee.

people argue that there is some health benefit or they read some
article that touted the benefits of coffee. What they fail to realize
is that, like alcohol, even if there were some benefits, the negatives
FAR OUTWEIGH any of these mythical benefits.

Caffeine is a
stimulant that triggers the release of cortisol (stress hormone) that
is associated with practically every disease known to mankind.

primary reason people drink it in NYC is because they are sleep-deprived and exhausted. Sleep deficiency, although popular, is not
cool, nor healthy and makes you age prematurely. Whenever you drink
coffee to ‘get you going’ – you continue a cycle of exhaustion that
gets harder and harder to break as you age.

And for my friends
who are drinking coffee to help with ‘number 2’ (going pottie)….the
caffeine is one of the main reasons why you cant go in the first place,

The other reason is because it dehydrates the human body, despite what the NY Times coffee-addicted ‘health reporter’ says.

beans are also the most heavily sprayed crop on the planet and the
acids in the beans are damaging to your digestive tract.

Enough said?

If you really want to drink coffee, at least find some good organic stuff and dont drink it on an empty stomach.

though, caffeine addiction is a widespread problem and a MASSIVE factor
in hormonal imbalance (depression), burnout and weight gain.

Want to improve your health, look good and not age prematurely???? Ditch the drug addiction.

and for the hundreds of people that may say something like ‘I got
headaches last time I tried to quit’ –> Getting headaches is not a
reason for continuing your caffeine addiction. Headaches are a symptom
of drug withdrawal and there are many things you can do to alleviate
this. But any addiction comes with a price and if getting headaches is
a minor consequence, than thats something you will have to deal with.

I am aware that most Men’s Health and Shape magazines tell you that
peanut butter is a good source of protein and when I was a teenager I
thought the same thing. I have since discovered that not only is it a
common food allergen, but its also a very low quality food source and
loaded with mold. That’s right. Even the healthy versions are full of
nasty little critters that can make you sick.

Peanuts are also
difficult to digest for many people. Want a better alternative? Try
almond butter. You can also find cashew nut butter or macadamia nut
butter and they are absolutely fantastic! Unless of course you can
tolerate tree nuts…

Tree Nuts
– as long as you dont have a nut allergy, most other nut butters are
better than peanuts. However, another common food allergens are tree

Here is a list of common tree nuts and foods or products that may contain them:

Macadamia nuts
Brazil nuts
Pine nuts
hickory nuts
Beech nut*
Ginko nut*
Lichee nut*
Pili nut*

natural nut extract
artificial nuts
nut meal
caponatanut meat
nut oil
nut paste (such as almond paste)
gianduja (a nut mixture in some chocolate)
nut pieces
marzipan/almond paste
nan-gai nuts
nut butters

Other names for tree nuts
Anacardium nuts
Mandelonas (e.g. peanuts that have been altered to look and taste like tree nuts)
Marzipan (almond paste)
Nu-Nuts ™ (e.g. peanuts that have been altered to look and taste like tree nuts)
Nut meats

Common Sources/Foods Containing Tree Nuts
Artificial nuts (peanuts altered to look and taste like almonds, pecans and walnuts)
Baked goods (cakes, cereal bars, cookies, doughnuts, energy/granola bars, muffins, pastries)
Baking mixes, cereals, crackers, muesli
Coffee grinders
Chinese food
Gianduja (chocolate and chopped nuts mixture found in premium or imported chocolate and ice cream)
Ice cream/frozen desserts/frozen yogurts/sundae toppings
Natural flavorings and extracts
Nut butter
Nut-flavored coffee/liqueurs
Sauces (barbecue, pesto, Worcestershire)
Salads (Waldorf salad, curried chicken)
Spreads (almond paste, cheese, chocolate nut, nougat, Nutella)
Trail mixes

Non-food sources of tree nuts
Hacky sacks
Bird seed
Cosmetics, hair care products, lotions
Pet food

As always, use extra precaution when eating out at restaurants or eating foods prepared by others.

of 10/2006, the FDA has added these as tree nuts for the purposes of
FALCPA (Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act).

Here is a great resource, provided you DONT HAVE ANY NUT ALLERGIES and CAN DIGEST THEM WITHOUT A PROBLEM.

These are great websites with awesome products – check them out.



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