Top 5 Foods that Fight Stress

I wrote a short article on 5 specific foods that have certain amino acids critical for supporting our brain’s ability to reduce stress and maintain calm.

It’s a very cool topic and the short article turned into a much larger one. In fact, its turned into a few small articles. So I am going to give you this info in smaller bite sized chunks so its easier to digest.

Pumpkin, Sesame, Sunflower & Chia Seeds – These seeds are mineral-rich and packed with energy and essential fatty acids which support brain health. These seeds are also highest in tryptophan. You can easily make your own trail mix by adding some figs (and other fruits) which is another good mood food.

My favorite source: ‘Trail Mix’ from

Free Range Eggs – Make sure you get truly free range, pastured chickens that run around outside eating the insects & foods they are supposed to eat which allows them to lay healthy eggs. Eggs are high in tyrosine and tryptophan. They also contain cholesterol and saturated fat which are essential for the production of all your hormones and helps sustain good energy levels throughout the day.

You can eat them raw, fried, hard boiled or baked. Keep the yolk intact when eating eggs.
You can eat eggs often, but only have scrambled eggs and omelets occasionally.

My favorite sources are: and

Coconut oil – This is my favorite oil to cook with or add to shakes. Although it doesn’t have any
amino acids, it is required for overall brain health and hormonal balance. The cholesterol is needed for proper function of serotonin receptors in the brain. Low cholesterol levels are linked to aggressive and violent behavior, depression and suicidal tendencies. Cholesterol is also a primary ingredient for our ‘repair & recovery’ hormones that allow us to recover after a day of hard work and other hormones that maintain steady blood sugar levels (energy levels), proper mineral balance and blood
pressure. Coconut oil also supports healthy thyroid function.

My favorite source is:

Fruits that Fight Stress – the fruits that are highest in tryptophan & tyrosine include avocado, kiwi, cranberries, raisins, guava, plantains, figs and last but certainly not least, starfruit. If some of these fruits are not part of your normal routine, then ask yourself ‘when would be the perfect time to get more variety into your diet while eating good mood foods that are also juicy and delicious?’

My favorite source is the local green market:,

Wild Game – Wild game, especially duck and goose, are much higher in the 2 powerful amino acids – tryptophan and tyrosine – than chicken or turkey. Lamb, rabbit and bison (buffalo) are game
meats that are highest in tyrosine.
Elk, caribou and rabbit are the highest game
meats with tryptophan.
Wild game meats are mineral rich and supply fat-soluble vitamins A and D which are catalysts for the assimilation of protein (aminos) and minerals. Vitamin D, whose only food source is animal fat, can fight fatigue, depression and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Venison is also a high performance, nutrient dense protein that is also mineral rich and loaded with B vitamins which are necessary for energy production.

My favorite source is: &

Healthy Native Americans ate a 100% organic, grass fed diet with lots of game meats. They had no air conditioning, no central heating systems, no Advil, no Prozac, no Tums with Calcium, no Luna bars and hunted wild animals. Cabeza de Vaca wrote “The men could run after a deer for an entire day without resting and without apparent fatigue. . . one man near seven feet in stature. . . runs
down a buffalo on foot and slays it with his knife or lance, as he runs by its side’

Their diet was high in saturated animal fats & protein, nuts, seeds, seasonal fruits
& vegetables they were a strong and robust culture that lived virtually free from modern diseases like depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

navajo Top 5 Foods that Fight Stress

If you want to read more about healthy, indigenous cultures that lived free from diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other diseases of modern man – check out the articles on

So I gave you much more than 5 foods. I gave you a bunch of whole foods that will enhance your overall health, energy levels and even help you get more variety into your daily routine – all of which support you while dealing with stress.

Because these foods are high specific aminos that help supply our brain’s natural pharmacy with these ‘feel good’ amino acids, an effective stress management program means not only avoiding foods & habits that are stressful, but also choosing smart foods that are supportive and give the brain what it needs to do its job during challenging times.



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  1. Why not break the yolk of an egg? And star fruit? Unless you live in Costa Rica, it’s quite hard to get, and very expensive, similar to many of your other suggestions.

  2. You have a very nice blog. You are right that the Weston Price Foundation website is a terrific resource for all aspects of good nutrition.

    I second the question about not breaking egg yolks – why are scrambled eggs (especially when cooked in coconut oil and/or butter (from grassfed cows) not good to eat more than once in a while?

  3. Egg yolks contain the cholesterol, which is essential for good health and hormonal function. But when you expose it to oxygen, it ‘oxidizes’ or starts becoming rancid and therefore becomes unhealthy. So I eat scrambeled eggs once in awhile, but i keep the yolk intact to preserve the integrity of the cholesterol more often.

    Actually, you can get start fruit all over the place – in NYC, Cali or Miami. These are only a few of my suggestions, not everything I suggest is exotic like this…I give all kinds of tips in my cookbook on how to eat well and not spend so much.

    If some of the fruit recomendations are hard to find or expensive – dont sweat it.
    Most people are eating the same thing – in fact, the same 7 meals for most of their lives – so I often make suggestions to help people break out of their box and try new foods.

    In my cookbook I give some resources for getting exotic fruits and have a section on how to shop for good food on a budget.

  4. …and thanks for the kind words and for posting your questions. Antonio

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