Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink…

What to do about drinking water?

I recommend drinking bottled water from European or other remote lands far away from the U.S. as the cleanest sources of water.
Try to find glass bottles, if you can.


There are no clean water sources in the U.S.
Glass bottles are healthier, not only for the environment but also for your health.

Plastic bottles leach fake estrogens and other harmful particles (that don’t belong in our bodies) into the water and there are serious health problems that arise from this. The longer the water sits in plastic, especially with the heat involved in shipping, the worse it is for you.

Why expensive European brands?

The quality is better and they spend less time in the bottles in shipping and on shelves and therefore are generally healthier.

You can also look into in-home water filtration systems, but they also present some difficulties and some of them waste a lot of water in the process as well.

OMG – But what about the environmental cost of importing something that’s available here and plastics are not good for the environment!!!

Remember this — there is an environmental issue with EVERYTHING you eat, drink or purchase!

So I suggest you make wise decisions that create health for you and the planet. Honestly, how much can you contribute to this planet when your sick and tired from drinking crappy water?

If you sacrifice your health to save the environment, you end up with a healthy planet and sick people.
Why not recycle and save yourself and the planet?

You are the most valuable component to this planet & environment.

The health of the planet is a reflection of its people’s health.

When you are healthy, you set an example for others to follow.

So by taking responsibility for your own health, you can do a lot more for the planet than you can when you drink tap water that is full of parasites, heavy metals, PCB’s, industrial waste, sewage, petro-chemicals and not to mention the massive quantities of pharmaceuticals that your Brita filter just can’t clean.
Three final notes —

1 – Don’t be fooled by Dasani or Aquafina – they are made by Coke and Pepsi and are nothing more than toilet water.

2 – If you can’t afford bottled water, then get a better job. Seriously, if you can not afford to be healthy, your job sucks. Life is not meant to be a struggle, so get clear on your dreams and using a smart plan, follow them diligently with all your heart & soul, and the money will come. You can do more for this planet the more money you have.

3 – In case you run up against a trendy, neurotic GREEN co-worker who is self-righteous and makes passive aggressive comments about drinking bottled water, remember this —

…their Gap jeans and Nike shoes were made in sweatshops in third world countries where underage and underpaid ’employees’ are being exploited

…their Starbucks liquid crack is draining their hormonal system, making them irritable and unable to reproduce and those supersized cups can’t be recycled anyway

…their junk food diet is being manufactured by mega-corporate giants who are selling addictive foods and harmful chemicals to children

….the alcohol they drink is a massive waste of natural resources

….and last year when they didn’t give a damn about the environment, you were already working out, eating organic and saving the environment….you get the point.

Keep an eye out for new developments in water filtration systems.
Drink clean water & eat organic food from small, local farms and you can do more for the environment when you are healthier.





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