What Are Your New Year Resolutions?

Earth blue What Are Your New Year Resolutions?

Now that the party is over…hopefully you are not hungover. The best way to start this new and exciting year is with a clear mind and a purpose. What are your biggest goals, dreams and desires?

Please share with us so we can all be inspired and we can all keep each other accountable.

My biggest goal is to become a global leader in health and wellness. I want to reach millions of people around the world and teach them how to live a healthy and inspired life!

I also want to publish a book!

How much weight do you want to lose?

Where do you want to travel?

How much more money do you want to earn this year?

Do you want to get married or start a business?

Set goals in all areas of life: spiritual, physical, personal, vocational, relational, social and financial

Let the world know by posting a comment about your goals below!



6 Comments on What Are Your New Year Resolutions?

  1. My goals for 2009 are:
    to maintain the eating healthy & keeping fit
    going back to school
    to “up” my workouts
    to try something new each week

    Happy New Year Antonio!

  2. Happy New Year Sallie
    What do you want to study???
    What are some *specific* new things you want to try each week??

  3. My goals for 2009:

    to balance my checkbook
    to put in real work into my new business (instead of treating it like a hobby)
    make $20K per month
    leave my current job
    travel to Machu Picchu
    get fit once and for all and make peace with my body
    make smart food choices
    be of service everyday
    kill my TV
    be happy about my activity, motivation and inspiration (no more exhausted couch potato at the end of the work day)
    make more friends that have higher vibrations
    expand my garden
    go sky diving
    reach out to my mom more often
    be happy, have inner peace, laugh even more than I do now

    Ok, I am going snow shoeing in the mountains with friends. A great way to start the new year, being active with people you love! happy New Year’s everyone!

  4. Become fit
    Eat wholesome meals and enjoy them
    continue to excel in school
    join the business school
    Make new positive friends
    Stay organized (room and life in general)
    move out of the dorm
    Get a job i like
    Kick my internet surfing habit
    Learn more about health
    Save $1,000 by June
    Become a motivator to others
    Encourage at least 1 other person to get healthy
    Be more active
    Learn to cook healthy meals (Very important)
    Kick my junk food
    Pick up a active hobby

    I am going to buy your Ebook Antonio, now! :)

  5. Andrea – you crack me up!
    Toni and Andrea you both inspired me and I added some more goals check out my latest post,

  6. Eating clean

    Being creative in every and any way however that shows up

    Spreading love

    Being present

    To ride the thrills in all waves of discomfort

    To hold high the gifts in each and every person

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