Why Calorie Counting Still Doesn’t Work

Check out this article.
NYC is leading the way in helping Americans lose weight – right? Wrong.
Counting Calories doesn’t work and there are many reasons why.
If you read the article you will see one of the main reasons.
There is no consistency in reporting actual calories and there are way too many factors involved in healthy weight loss.
You cannot measure QUALITY by counting QUANTITY (calories).
To oversimplify the issue, which is commonplace in America, actually creates more confusion for people and gives a sense of false hope for many.
I have said this a million times and will continue to say it again: WHAT AMERICA IS DOING FOR HEALTH & NUTRITION ISN’T WORKING!
I have a book coming out soon called Fat Loss Psychology and I cover all these issues surrounding successful health, fitness and weight loss.
And in true Antonio style, I will also smash all the ‘health and weight loss’ crap that is talked about in the media which is one of the primary reasons why people are confused, overweight and tired.

Tips to help you improve your health and lose weight:

Focus on quality, not quantity.

Obviously, if you are overeating you will need to get a grip on total quantity per meal – what people refer to as ‘Portion Control.’

The size of your Portions should be the amount of food it takes to give you 3-4 hours of feeling good and being energized – that is how you determine your portion sizes.

The ratio of those portions per meal – how much protein, fat and carb per person is highly individualized. I have already given you many resources to determine your unique metabolic type.

Not only can you focus on quality over quantity, but also focus on getting fresh, organic whole foods. Nutrient-dense foods are foods that are fresh and organic. This means you will have to go shopping every 2-3 days to get the freshest foods. That requires PLANNING.

I will be covering WHY calorie counting doesn’t work and what does work in the next few posts so stay tuned….




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