Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

'He who has a strong enough reason WHY can endure almost any HOW'. Neitchze If you were on my Fat Loss Psychology call then you learned the MOST important part of getting healthy and sticking to your goals: creating a compelling reason WHY. Now, keeping your EYE on the WHY is the secret to sticking to your goals. Well, its part of the secret. The other part is not playing the 'follow the leader' dieting game or the 'run your ass off at the gym' like everyone else is doing right now. You have to think for yourself and not follow the herd. You should surround yourself with people that share similar values and have similar goals. In terms of EATING...

You have to figure out what works best for your body and dieting doesn’t work well for anybody’s body. Dieting also implies that you will do something for a short period of time to lose weight and then go back to your ‘normal’ way of eating.

But its your ‘normal’ way of eating that made you fat in the first place.

So how do you discover what works best for you? And how do you make it ‘normal’ so you enjoy eating real foods and lose weight easily?

What works best for you will be different than what works best for me.

It certainly will be different than your co worker or friend as we are all unique individuals in every sense, not just in our food requirements.

The starting point in discovering what works best for you is what I call metabolic typing. We each have a different metabolic type. Just like we all have a different personality and different music preference…our bodies utilize food differently.

The ‘one size fit all’ diet, although popular, is nutritional ignorance. Don’t fall for it.

Discovering your metabolic individuality can be as simple as filling out a questionnaire or playing trial and error with your eating. Either way, you will discover what works best. The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios has this questionnaire. The link is just over to your right.–>

That fabulous and fit woman is a good friend of mine and is one of hte very few nutritionists that does the same type of work as I. You can get the questionnaire in that program. You also get tons of sample meal plans as well.

Either way, whether you get that program or you discover for
yourself…you will have to PAY ATTENTION to how you feel AFTER you eat.

So a great goal tip for you is this:

Make a goal to PAY ATTENTION to how you feel after you eat each meal.

Be present when your eating and notice what happens after you eat.

If you have mood swings, are easily distracted, get depressed or anxious – these are all mental/emo signs that you ate something that does not agree with your physiology.

If you get bloated, gas, if you belch, fart, your skin gets itchy or your energy tanks…these are all physical signs that something you ate did not work for you.

Simply paying attention to how you feel after will tell you a lot and will help you lose weight and more importantly – radically improve your mental/emo and physical well being and increase your energy.

I have some interviews with some of my clients that I will be posting.
They share some tips on how they discovered what works best for them. I also have some more goal achieving tips and some videos coming up for ya…so stay tuned




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