Why don’t the French get FAT?

Why don’t the French get Fat dammit!?!

I am going to tell you why French people dont get fat
It has to do with their mindset
Mindset is what my upcoming book Fat Loss Psychology is all about

Your mindset is your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and strategies about how you see and live in this world
mindset is also the number one reason people are unhealthy and why 98% of dieters ‘fail’

I will tell you why in a minute – but I am also going to let you in on a secret that might be more important:

Being skinny does not equal being healthy
In fact, being skinny or thin can be very unhealthy

I know lots of people who use extreme methods to get skinny
These methods are promoted in the media
People try these methods because they are popular

The first lesson I teach in my book is FOCUS
Instead of focusing on getting skinny
I suggest something much more empowering – focus is on getting healthy

You cannot lose weight to get healthy – You must get healthy in order to lose weight
A simple sift in focus can have profound effects

Now, on to the French…

There are several reasons why they are not as fat as Americans

First they eat more whole foods
Food, in general, in Europe is not as processed as it is in the US
Second, they eat more saturated fats
Third, they enjoy life and are not driven by fear & stress like Americans typically are
Finally, their Mindset!
They use internal cues – such as no longer feeling hungry to stop eating,
reports a new study from Cornell University. Americans tend to use external cues –
such as whether their plate is clean, they have run out of their beverage or
the TV show they’re watching is over.

The reason they are not as fat as Americans lies in mainly in their mindset

However, if you are eating non-foods that are grown with synthetic pesticides or have
artificial ingredients you will find it difficult to know when you are done.
The brain has an appestat control system that lets you know when you are done.
The more distracted you are (TV, etc) or the more intoxicated you are (alcohol, food allergies) and the more junk foods you eat,
the more difficult it is for your body to function and your brain to get its signals.

I teach my clients to pay attention and be present when eating.
Having an ‘attitude of food gratitude’ will help you enjoy and digest your food better
Dont watch TV when eating
Chew your food well
Dont drink when eating

Simple tips = profound results.




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