World’s Biggest Health & Fitness Holiday

Leading Fitness Experts Give The Gift Of Health To the World with the Biggest Ever Health and Fitness Giveaway This Holiday Season!

On Wednesday, December 10, my colleague Dax Moy and over 250 of the world’s top
fitness professionals will open the doors on the World’s largest ever
health and fitness gift-giving event, set to generate positive health for
over 500,000 people this Christmas

I was involved in this last year some of you may remember and it was very cool!
The program, called ’12 Days of Fitness’ initially began when the UK’s
leading fitness professional, Dax Moy, wanted to express his gratitude
to his clients and offered them a gift a day for 12 consecutive days as
his twist of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Last year Moy shared this idea with fellow fitness professionals & the world at large and gave fitness gifts to
over 200,000 people who signed up at the site at

This year, with the help of 250 of the world’s top personal trainers,
nutritionists, therapists and specialist fitness experts, the 12 days
of fitness is set to become the biggest fitness gift giveaway in
history with expected downloads of over 500,000 between the 10th and
22nd of December. “There’s never been another health event like this,
where so many people stand to benefit from the expertise of true
professionals for free” says Moy who has been working flat out to make
this year’s 12 days a success.

“Fitness professionals from around the globe have contributed hundreds
of e-books, reports, videos, meal plans and other free gifts in their
hope of making 2009 the year that anyone, regardless or their location,
financial situation or past failures, can finally reach their fitness
goals and make those New Year’s Resolutions a reality once and for all.”

Perhaps the best part of the 12 Days of Fitness giveaway is that
regardless of a persons health or fitness goals, there are going to be
gifts specifically designed to help them achieve success.

“We’ve received gifts designed for busy mom’s, elite athletes,
bodybuilders, back pain sufferers and pretty much anyone else you can
imagine covering everything from fat loss to rehabilitation and
everything in between.

There literally will be something for everyone this year and all of it
free, making it, without a doubt, one of the most important gifts
anyone will receive this year. After all, what’s more important than

The 12 days of gift giving starts December 10th but those interested are urged to visit right away to sign up for their free gifts.

Once enrolled, participants will get a daily email telling them how to
access each of the new gifts that are being added each day as well as a
reminder on how to access previous gifts.

To guarantee a healthy start to 2009, simply visit today.



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